Hump Day

I constantly read everywhere in the social media “Happy Hump Day” and it’s only now recently that I understood what the expression “hump day” really means: Wednesday is called in North America the hump day, because it is the middle of the workweek. The hump symbolizes a hill, Monday and Tuesday being the beginning of the week when a person has to climb up the hill. On Wednesday the peak of the hill is reached whenย the weekend seems closer compared to Monday because only two more days are left. On Thursday and Friday the person climbs down the hill towards the weekend.

I think that there is some psychological meaning behind the hump day. I notice at the beginning of the week that people always count the remaining days till the weekend by including the current day too (so if it’s Monday, then it would be 5 more days till the weekend) but after the hump day the current day is not counted anymore (so on Wednesday for example, 2 more days are left till weekend instead of 3 if we were to include Wednesday as well). It seems that Wednesday really gives people a feeling of comfort that weekend is approaching fast.

Happy Hump Day!