Switch it up

It was a hard decision but I changed my running training plan from four to only three workouts per week. While I love running, after 12 weeks on the plan and four running workouts per week I do not see the results that I was hoping for. I obviously feel better but there is no change in the weight and measurement department.

I’ve actually read about this and it seems that the body gets used to the one type of exercise and it will plateau. This is the right time to switch it up a little with different exercises.

I will begin to incorporate one swimming session per week starting this week and if all goes well next week at the trial session at the new gym, I will be starting weight lifting again. Just cardio isn’t enough for me. I had excellent result doing JELF last winter, even though I quite after 8 weeks due to fatigue, but I am planning to start it again or to try the program by James Wilson which is a circuit training.

Nevertheless I am NOT quitting C25K and today has been my third and last running workout for the week. Because I reduced the weekly workouts to three, the workouts got much more difficult and I struggled today to finish it but I managed quite well.


The scenery at the lake is so beautiful and I always stop to look at these ducks. They stay here throughout the year, even in the winter!


By the way, when I say that I struggled, did you ever have the feeling that you did so bad but when you take a closer look it was actually awesome? I really thought that this run went terrible but according to the statistics, I did excellent. I even improved my personal bests!


I did this all the time in school as well. When I had test, I came home and complained that I did so bad but when I got the results, I always got the highest score. It drove my mom nuts!

Anyways, it’s slowly time for dinner and I am starving and a little bit of shopping would be nice too so I wish you all a nice Saturday afternoon!