I am currently obsessed with sunrises and sunsets but I guess you figured this out by now.

Yesterday was a running day and I wasn’t feeling awake at all at 7 am when my alarm went off. I finally got a good night sleep after three sleepless nights which I assume were caused by the full moon because it happens to me every time. So I decided to go straight to work and come home on time before it gets dark to go running because I don’t like running in the dark.

Yesterday was a gorgeous weather, like most of the days this last weeks, not like the usual rainy autumn I am used to every year.

Btw the Yahoo Weather iOS app is so nice, a friend showed it to me the other day and I had to install it too. It displays many information and I checked when the sunset is going to be, it showed 18:00 o’clock.

I need 45 minutes to get home from work and I timed it perfectly. With an additional 15 minutes for changing into my running clothes, I was out running just on time.

At 2.5 km around 17:45 o’clock, a bit earlier than shown in the app, I caught a glimpse of this amazing sunset. I could look at it for hours, unfortunately it lasted only a few minutes.

Right after the sunset my iPhone decided to switch itself off although I still had 50% battery! I had to finish on my own and I felt a bit lost because I am doing the C25K training plan on Endomondo and my planned workout was to do 17 intervals but I ran-walked how I felt it would be right and finished strong.

When I got home, I plugged my phone in the charger & it turned itself back on with still 50% battery! I don’t know what happened, perhaps the iOS 7.0.3 update or it was heated but I can’t imagine how.

If I could make one wish to the Apple geniuses, I would ask them to improve the battery life! I don’t use my phone so much during the day but it is usually almost empty by afternoon and I have to carry around the charger with me whereever I go.

Back to running, I am doing 15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling after running religiously. Yesterday I could almost cry while I was foam rolling my IT bands, it hurt so much. Why is that?

Anyhow I am thinking now how to continue with my training plan because with winter coming it’s going to get dark sooner and already now at 7 am in the morning it is dark outside, luckily by the time I am ready to go at 7:30 the sun comes out.

Next week on Sunday October 27th the clocks go back 1 hour so it’s going to be daylight sooner but we will technically wake up an hour earlier. I love running outside but I am already having a hard time waking up now at 7 am as it is, not sure if I can do it next week when it’s going to be 6 am in reality.

Although it’s not the same to run indoors on a treadmill compared to outside, I am considering to join a gym for the three winter months, I want to start weight training again too. I have a trial session next week to evaluate the gym so let’s see.