September challenge

I can’t believe it is already the 1st of September. Summer is slowly at its end and autumn is quickly aproaching.

Usually summer is all about light meals, salad, bbqs and lots of sports outdoors. I used to go biking, jogging and often take walks in the previous years.

This year I didn’t really have much time for sports and my diet wasn’t as clean and light as I have hoped for. I know, excuses excuses. Well, enough of those, I have decided to challenge myself to one month of clean eating and doing sports on a regular basis. Unlike my usual saying, that I will start tomorrow and then tomorrow I say again that I will start tomorrow, I woke up today determined to start immediately.

Ice cream is my biggest weakness at this moment and I shortly considered having my favorite Magnum Almond tonight. I even brought one with me to the tv but I put it back in the feeezer after realising that I did not want it, or so I convinced myself.

Autumn is the time when I get lazy and I start craving for my usual warm comfort food, obviously heavy in calories. This is what I would like to avoid this year by kickstarting my health and fitness with this challenge. Posting this here makes it even more official and I hope it will help me stay on track.