My Microsoft certifications retired?

I just opened the MCP website to see in the Microsoft Certification Planner which exam I should take next. Needless to say that I was shocked to see that all my certifications are retired. Apparently these certifications have been retired on the 31st of July 2013, which was 2 days ago. What is even worst is that I tried to check the MCP site exactly two days ago but the website wasn’t working:


It is true that I was long time due to take the next exam and I wanted to make up for it now by taking more exams but I expected at least an email notifying me that my certifications will soon be retired so that at least I can react and do the upgrade.

Update: after re-opening the Microsoft Certification Planner page several times, additionally to the retired certifications I now see four certifications in progress where I have met some of the requirements, these being the retired certifications and I can do the upgrade exam. Could it be that the MCP website is not working properly??? I mean I get this error when I am trying to see my transcript: