Shopping spree

We all know that women like to shop. We could spend the entire day walking from store to store and admire all the lovely clothes. We come home at the end of the day, unpack everything what we bought and try them on again and again, just to see how well it fits.

When we moved in June this year, I sorted out all my belongings so that we have less to carry to the new place. I was very picky so I threw away most of my autumn and winter pullovers.

Well, here we are now in autumn, it’s cold and I’m a little short on pullovers so I couldn’t postpone my visit to the clothing store any longer. I managed to make a deal with my boyfriend that I agree to go in the evening to a basketball game if he buys me lunch and comes afterwards shopping with me. We only found out after shaking hands over the agreement that there was actually no basketball game that day. But that wasn’t my fault and a deal is a deal, right?

So we went at noon to the city planning to have a nice lunch on a terrace in the sun and a coffee in a quiet Starbucks first. I guess you have figured it out already that it didn’t go down so well.

First of all, we couldn’t find a free parking place in any garage. Everything was full, which led me to think that others had the same brilliant idea like us.

Anyhow we’ve finally parked the car and sat down starving in one of our favorite restaurants. The waitress took our orders but messed it up, luckily we could correct it in time. It turned out that we knew the menu better than her.

I started playing with my iPhone but the food didn’t come. Then read a few chapters of a book I just bought from the Kindle Store and the food still didn’t come. We’ve waited 30 minutes hungry as wolves. When we finally asked the waitress about our order, it was immediately served. I have the feeling that our meals were already prepared in the kitchen but the waitress was too slow and lazy. Luckily for her, the Caesar salad was so good that I forgot how much I had to wait for it.

After we finished and paid (we tipped the waitress, although she didn’t deserve it), we headed to Starbucks, just as planned. It was so full that people were waiting outside to get in only to place their order. I imagined that all the tables were occupied so we went and tried another one but it was the same there too.

On our way to the third Starbucks, we passed by H&M. I was planning to go there shopping anyhow so why not do it now? This wasn’t a very good idea because it was so crowded that we couldn’t even walk in the store. So my “shopping assistant” did the only thing which he could do under these circumstances: he ditched me in H&M and went to that third Starbucks. It’s so tough to find good help these days.

Now that I think back, I know that I should have followed his example. I wasted so much time with standing in the lines… to check out the clothes, to try them on in the fitting-room and finally to pay. It’s important to note that I didn’t buy a single pullover, although that was the reason of this shopping trip in the first place.

When I finally escaped out of H&M, it was paradise to walk into New Yorker, which was quite empty to my surprise. I was focusing strictly on pullovers so when my arms were filled to the maximum, I went to the fitting-room, where there was no line. Pure heaven!

As I was going to the checkout counter, my eyes stopped on a very pretty jacket, which I tried on instantly. It looked very good on me but I’ve already spent a fortune so I wasn’t completely convinced if I should get the jacket too. I know myself: if I ask myself whether I really need it, then I certainly don’t. After 15 minutes of standing around and turning it upside down, I decided not to buy it. I’m still not sure if I’m going to regret it later.

Nevertheless, now that I had the items which I came for, I took the direction of that particular Starbucks where my boyfriend was hiding from all this madness in the shops and in the city. I was feeling kind of tired so I stood again in a long line to get myself a coffee and reward myself with a raspberry cheesecake. When my turn came to pick up the coffee, I saw my delicious Coffee Light Frappuccino ready. I confirmed my order to this lady who hands out the coffee but according to her, this wasn’t my order because it was a Caramel Frappuccino. I argued that it was indeed what I ordered but it was too late, she already put the caramel sauce on it. I had to wait until she handed out coffees to three other people, until she finally asked me again very impolitely what I ordered. I told Light Coffee Frappuccino on which she asked if it wasn’t a Caramel Frappuccino (the one melting there in front of her), which I refused to accept. Did she think I’m too stupid to remember my order???

She smashed the Caramel Frappuccino in the sink and demanded from her colleague to prepare another Coffee Frappuccino, which I then finally received. It wasn’t Light but I hated to argue again with this unfriendly lady so I just left.

I confess that it’s difficult for me to argue in German, I can’t find the right words, otherwise I would have told her a few things and even demanded to talk to the manager. On the other hand perhaps I should’ve just taken the Caramel Frappuccino and save myself the anger. I needed like half an hour to cool down after this very unpleasant experience.

At this point I remembered why I always hated shopping on Saturday. So as soon as I drank my coffee and had my cake, we hurried to pick up the car (9 euros for 5 hours parking???) and I was really grateful to be home again.

My shopping spree was ruined. The bought items are still in the corner of the bedroom waiting to be unpacked and tried on.

So I hereby promise never to do a full-day shopping on Saturday ever again!