There’s never enough time

I came with the bike to work yesterday. I try to do as much sports as possible and biking to the office is one of the pleasant ways to stay fit. You see, we have an amazingly nice weather here in the past weeks. Although it’s pretty cold especially in the morning, the sun is shining and on such days I would rather bicycle to work than to drive with the car or subway.

Getting back to yesterday, I had a lot of tasks, most of them being quite interesting. So I just lost all track of time and, when I realized how late it is, it was already dark outside. It’s not the best time to bicycle home, right?

I’m not afraid of the dark because I don’t feel safe. I usually pick streets with lots of lights and people around. Besides, Nürnberg is one of the safest cities in Germany.

The problem is that I have never bicycled on streets with high traffic in the evening. I didn’t know what to expect. Will the drivers see me? Can I trust the drivers to go around me?

This city has a very good infrastructure for bicycling. There are special bike lanes everywhere so in theory I shouldn’t worry. But is it so in practice too?

I was unpleasantly surprised before I even started on the road. I notice that the batteries in my front light were too weak. Now I know that I should have bought a dynamo lighting system, instead of the one based on batteries. These always fail when you need them most.

So my front light was weak but my rear light was luckily still working perfectly. It’s more important if the car drivers behind me can see me. I can take care of the cars in front of me.

The overall drive was not so bad at all. All the roads are lighted since this is a big city, not a small village. I don’t live far from the office and I need around 20 minutes by bike but by the time I got home it was already 8 o’clock in the evening.

After I fed the mewing cats and sadly noticed that there’s no food for us humans, I sat down to do my homework for my German lesson. Leaving it till the last moment made no sense at all. I guess I was optimistically waiting to see if the homework will miraculously get done by itself or better yet by my boyfriend.

It was a dumb assignment and I wasn’t really inspired to write an email to a virtual friend about how to clean up her desk and organize her day. How can I give advice on such a topic if I’m not so good at it either? Nevertheless, I made something up but when the email was finally composed, it was almost bed time.

There wasn’t much "me time" left anymore. I decided however to spare an hour from my evening for Jane Austen but I could only manage to read one chapter. I felt too tired. I couldn’t sleep much the last couple of nights. Did you ever feel dead tired but couldn’t fall asleep? Well, it’s awful.

I started the next day (that’s today) with my usual morning exercise (I’m doing the 30-Day Challenge on the Wii Active Trainer) and left straight to work afterwards. Tonight we will be playing badminton and we’re planning to go to the cinema after that so I’ll be happy if I could get a little bit of sleep (considering my insomnia) before starting the day all over again.

I expect tomorrow to be quite full too. After my morning exercise and work, I’m spending 3 hours at the German lesson so I’ll not have much free time then either.

I have my hopes set in the weekend. For now I have only planned to meet over a coffee on Sunday with a former colleague and friend who used to live in Nürnberg. She’s now in Bonn but I’m happy that we still keep in touch. Except for that meeting, I should have the weekend for myself and for my boyfriend.

But somehow I have the feeling that the day is too short, especially the workdays. I am always hurrying to go somewhere. I always have something planned upfront and can seldom enjoy a couple of free hours throughout the day. I would like to improve this but I don’t know how.