We spent yesterday afternoon at the lovely little town of Nin. It’s only 15 minutes away by car from Punta Skala in Petrcane and I was pleasantly surprised so it’s definitely worth a visit.

The old town is located on a peninsula with a sand beach in front separating it from the sea. This is the kiteboarders’ and windsurfers’ paradise here. I spotted the all the kites as soon as we arrived and parked the car in front of the old town.

We took a stroll through the old town, from the upper to the lower gate. The old town is small with just a few small streets so it takes only a few minutes to reach the other side. The pedestrian area has many old stone houses.

Afterwards we walked along the promenade on the peninsula and took a break in front of the sandy beach to watch so many people windsurfing and kiteboarding.

We walked to the sandy beach and honestly to say I was disappointed. If I were to choose between sandy or rocky beaches, I would pick the later. The water is so much cleaner and transparent on a rocky beach, here it was very dirty and muddy. Although the mud here is medicinal.

It was very windy and the waves were huge. The strong wind seems to be normal around here, although on that day it was abnormally strong. Later at dinner our waiter said that this wind was still acceptable but during winter you cannot stand still outside because it is so strong.

After dinner we checked the festival with the local delicacies in the old town center. Later there would be music but we didn’t stay to see it.

We watched the sunset over Nin before heading back.

All the pictures are uploaded here.