There were two events happening in Zadar yesterday so we drove there to spend the day. It’s only 20 minutes away by car from where we are staying at Punta Skala in Petrcane. We parked the car at the mall because it’s cheaper and safer. Parking directly in or near the old town can be somewhat of a problem because there aren’t so many parking places and it’s very expensive. This mall is only 900 meters from the old town so we had a nice walk along the promenade to get to the old town.

The old town is not as small as I remembered it. We were here 6 years ago but we stayed only for a week. We visited Zadar back then too but this time we spent more time and went through every little street.

The weather was perfect for this visit. The sun was hiding behind the clouds but it was still warm enough. We entered through the city gate towards the People’s Square.

I still remembered some of the streets so we headed to the Forum next.

We had lunch at Malo Misto and I highly recommend this restaurant. The terrace is nice and the food was delicious. I had the ravioli with sheep cheese and truffles and it was to die for. The grill is their house specialty and my bf loved the steaks.

I got a tip on Instagram to go to the The Garden, it’s raw vegan food with amazing dairy free shakes and juices. We already ate by the time I read this but we passed by The Garden and it looked really nice. We are here for two more weeks so we will definitely try it.

After lunch we walked randomly through the streets until we met this cute little kitten and it came to us. We had to move it away from the back of a car so that the car owner can drive away. The owner just went to sit in his car and we just did not have the heart to wait and see what happens, if we don’t move it out of the way.

Afterwards we headed to the sea and by luck we ended up at the greeting to the sun where we took a break at the sea organ to listen to the music made by the waves.

We walked along the promenade and on the wall all around the old town.

It was time for a coffee and ice cream break. I had mango and chocolate and my bf picked peach and green apple. The ice cream looked better than it tasted. The fruity flavors taste a lot like chemicals.

Finally we took a break on a bench and just watched the sea, the waves and the sun go down.

In the evening we listened to some music at the Zadar Beer Fest.

Afterwards we returned to the mall where we watched the basketball game.

I wanted to check the stores but they were closing so we quickly picked up some groceries and headed back after a long and nice day spent in Zadar.

All the pictures are uploaded here.