Krka waterfalls and Sibenik

Yesterday was time again for a road trip. This time we decided to go the the Krka waterfalls. We’ve been there 6 years ago and it was lovely so we wanted to visit it again.

We got stuck in some traffic jam while leaving Zadar towards Skradin where we parked the car to catch the boat to Krka. There are many parking areas in Skradin and it’s expensive. We paid 50 Kuna for a full day. It was just our luck that we bought the tickets (380 Kuna for 2 people) and we caught the boat right on time so we did not have to wait for the next one. The boat ride takes about 20 minutes and it’s such a beautiful scenery. Waiting for the ladies room after we arrived took also 20 minutes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We headed straight to the waterfall and I was shocked as to how many people were there. There are beer gardens on the left and right side, then some cottages that sell ice cream, pancakes and other snacks. The meadow and the forest was full with people on their towel, sitting in the sun or hiding in the shades under the trees. Many people were swimming as well. I decided not to go into the water because it was so crowded and it’s very tricky to get in due to all the rocks.

We went around the waterfall, by crossing the bridge overlooking the waterfall and climbing up on the hill from the right side. It is a gorgeous view over the valley and the waterfalls. We returned on the other side where it was a nice walk among the trees, small springs and so many fish.

We had some drinks and took the next boat back to Skradin to continue our drive to Sibenik. I was pleasantly surprised as it has such a nice little old town. The Cathedral of St James, a Unesco World Heritage, is impressive but I love all the narrow streets and old stone houses. It reminded me of Italy and Venice. I highly recommend Nostalgija where we had dinner.

We climbed up the hill to the fortress and that 50 kuna entry fee was so well worth it. It’s probably the best view over the city and we caught the beautiful sunset.

We said god bye to this tiny kitten as it was time to head back and we drove out to the highway to return to Punta Skala in Petrcane.

To our surprise the highway was closed due to wildfires. There were many confused people on the road not knowing how to get back to their hotels too.

โ€‹We tanked the car full with gas and bought drinks just in case, and we picked an alternative route along the coast hoping that we will be more luck there. Although it was dark, this road went directly along the sea, we drove with open roof and it was absolutely stunning, watching the stars above and hearing the sound of the waves on our left. We obviously weren’t as fast as on the highway where it would have taken us 1 hour to get back. These 80 km took us well over 2 hours. We stopped at the nearby grocery store to pick up a few more things and it was almost 23 o’clock so we were the only ones shopping at that late hour. Actually they were closing so we were kicked out. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a day full of adventures with the beautiful Krka waterfalls, the lovely old town of Sibenik, the scary wildfire and the crazy drive back. Today we are laying low and staying at the resort as there are many wildfires all over Croatia at the moment so we want to stay safe.