Freeletics Nutrition

Freeletics recently launched their fourth app. After Bodyweight, Gym and Running it was time for a Nutrition app as well. After all abs are made in the kitchen! 😉

After installing the app, some setting up was necessary to get started, even if I don’t have the coach yet. The app asked me for my goal, my dietary preferences, my activity level and some data about myself like my weight and height.

Free Edition

The Free edition includes three unlocked macro modules with many recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The app is easy to use and the recipes are delicious and quick the prepare. I tested a couple of the recipes this week and I am very happy so far. We had the roasted chicken breast with asparagus for dinner on one of the evenings and it was so easy and quick to prepare the meal after coming home late from work. I also tested the coconut pancakes on Friday morning for breakfast and it was so delicious. Each recipe includes a list of ingredients, instructions and nutrition information. A shopping list would be nice too.

Currently I am tracking my calories and macros for my ongoing 12-week challenge to get bikini-ready for the seaside vacation so during this time I will prepare some of the recipes as long as they fit in my macros. After vacation I plan to reverse diet and eventually try the Nutrition coach in order to take a break from counting calories and macros. I think it’s a good addition to the Bodyweight coach and the free workouts with Gym and Running that I am doing.

Coach Edition

Coming soon…