Training log week 5/12 – Freeletics Bodyweight Hell Week

My goal for the next 12 weeks is to get fitter, lose some weight and body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible, doing as little cardio as possible and eating as much as possible so my body doesn’t go in starvation mode or metabolism adaptation. I will be reverse dieting until I reach the highest possible daily calories that I can hold while still managing to achieve this goal.

Here’s my recap for week 5.


This week’s goal:

  • Hell Week: 7x HIT with Freeletics Bodyweight.
  • 2x 1x rehabilitation sessions.


My first hell week is done and dusted!!! 🙂

I decided not to add any other types of workouts on top of hell week, even though the workouts didn’t take so long on some of the days. I wanted to have the strength and energy to get through hell week and not burn out too soon.

I actually managed to wake up early every morning to get my workout in before going to work. My motivation was on an all-time high this week and I was looking forward to my workout every day. The reason is that I loved all the workouts and the coach gave me many workouts that I haven’t done before. I prepared my sports clothes the night before so all I needed in the morning was to have my usual coffee, get changed and hit the Start workout button.

I am proud that I completed hell week in 7 days. 🙂

Nutrition & Macros

This week’s goals:

  • Macros calculated based on James Wilson’s caloric intake needs guide: aprox. 50% carbs, 25% protein, 25% fat.

Since it was hell week and I worked out every day, I was hungrier than usual so I ate more than the calculated caloric intake for this week. It was difficult to get back to work after 10 days of vacation and my nutrition suffered a bit because of this. I didn’t have so much time to cook and prep my meals so I ended up with a couple of cheat meals throughout the week which accounts for not reaching my protein goal, going over my daily calories and again having more fat than my macros would allow. Going out to eat also makes hard for me to calculate how much I ate because I can only estimate and guess how much the meals were.


-1,1 kg; -0.9% body fat; +0,3% muscle; -4 cm lost overall

Progress has slowed down almost to stop and it looks like I am maintaining last week’s results, it might have to do with the fact that my nutrition slipped a bit this week. But non-scale victories count too. The number on the scale is just a number, it doesn’t define me and it won’t bring me down. I count progress and results also by how I feel and how my clothes fit. I feel great. I feel lean. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. My jeans are too big. My usual belt hole is too lose. I fit into my “skinny-me” jeans that I haven’t worn for years.

Next week’s goals

  • I am back on the meal prep and cooking grind. Only this way I know what and how much I eat so I can hit my daily calories and macros.
  • Stay at my current calories and macros, hit the macros by +/- 5 grams: 50% carbs, 25% protein, 25% fat.
  • 5x HIT sessions with Freeletics Bodyweight.
  • 2x cardio sessions.
  • 2x rehabilitation sessions.