Running with Freeletics and Spotify

I love running outdoors. The fresh air and the nature is energizing and calming at the same time. Even though I sometimes fight to get through it, I feel so much better after a morning run and my day is so much better because of it. Or when I go for a run in the afternoon after work to disconnect and I can sleep better during the night.

I tried many running apps over time, including Endomondo with the training plan and Nike+ Running. While I love them all (I still use Nike+ Running), I started with the Freeletics Bodyweight coach in January and I was so excited to hear about Freeletics releasing a Running app at the beginning of this year. Mainly because I hate using so many different apps for different activities. I had the opportunity to test the Running app and the coach until end of April because I have a Coach subscription for the Bodyweight app. Since then I completed 20 workouts with the Running app, ran 40,8 km and improved my run from an average of 7:30/km to under 7 minutes.

I still consider myself a beginner runner and I don’t run for long distances, my typical distance is 3-5 km and sometimes I run as far as 8 km, but usually I love running intervals because I find them less boring and for this reason Freeletics Running is just the right tool for me. The app includes 12 interval workouts and each interval is challenging to say the least. The app also includes running for distance, starting with sprints from 100m to 800m or running distances from 1K to 21K. And of course what makes Freeletics different from all the other sports apps are the levels and points, this help me stay motivated to go out for those runs. Additionally the coach definitely pushes me harder than I would push myself with the weekly workouts laid out for me and the Hell Days and Hellweek feature is taking my training to a whole new level.

I love listening to music while out running. I love the sound of the nature but somehow listening to my steps and heavy breathing is not motivating me to keep going and push harder. Music on the other hand helps me pick up the pace or keep a certain pace and Spotify is perfect for this purpose. Spotify can adjust the music to my pace with the new Running feature and there are also many playlists for certain types of runs, I especially love and recommend the ones from Nike+ Run Club.

Freeletics Running and Spotify is the perfect combination for my runs.

What I would love for Freeletics Running:

  • It doesn’t include training plans for 5K or marathons
  • Integration of all Freeletics apps in one system for levels, points and community feed
  • A master coach for Bodyweight, Running and Gym