Live Room Escape Game

I had the most amazing experience with my first Live Room Escape Game at ParaPark. ParaPark is the first and original room escape and yesterday me and my colleagues had the chance to escape from the 9th Gateway where paranormal is normal. This sounds creepy and believe me it was. The atmosphere and the sounds totally freaked me out. 🙂

The people living in the city have been whispering about the inexplicable phenomenon’s circulating around the old abandoned building. They say that sometimes people hear strange sounds coming from beyond the walls. The old „residents” tell us a story: once, in this place, was organized a conjuration of spirits after which the 6 people didn’t come out from the cellar, the depths swallowed them up… More teams tried to find them, but those who spent more than 1 hour in the cellar never came back.. As the clock starts ticking you can hear the verses of the parchment that were said by the members of the last seance… The walls whisper the words of a secret and ancient language, from now on the game is not just a game, everything changes and the passage opens… So now the team has a problem to solve: get into the passage and come back to your world within 60 minutes! – if you can…

The rules of the game are simple and they were explained to us, then we were locked in the room and we had to solve puzzles, find clues and complete tasks to make our way out of the room. The last 10 minutes were full of suspense and we made it out just when we had only 1 minute left. It was perfect for me and my colleagues as a team building event and we worked closely together as a team. I am looking forward to going back soon and trying the other rooms as well. 🙂

I highly recommend ParaPark if you have the opportunity to try live room escape games. It’s available all over the world, including in Australia, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Spain and Switzerland.