​Freeletics Gym

The trial period for the Gym coach ended last weekend and I was thinking about buying the subscription to get the coach and unlock all the workouts, even though I already have the coach for the Freeletics Bodyweight app.On the other hand Freeletics recommends to have one coach and incorporate the free workouts from the others additionally. The Freeletics Gym app can be combined with the Freeletics Bodyweight and Freeletics Running apps.

Obviously training with a coach is the best way to go but having the Bodyweight coach already, I decided to add the free Gym and Running workouts on top of the Bodyweight workouts that I get from the coach every week.

A Master Coach for all Freeletics apps is planned in the future but until then the free workouts are a good alternative for those like me who don’t want to over-train or perhaps can’t afford two coaches.

Free Edition

The following features and workouts are available in the free edition.

Learn the movements: step by step instruction for learning the exercises.

Strength training: each strength couplet consists of two exercises that are performed as a superset with either 4 reps for strength or 10 reps for size, followed by 2-3 minutes rest between rounds.

  • Lower Body I – Thighs, Glutes
  • Lower Body II – Lower back, Front thigh
  • Upper Body I -Chest, Upper back
  • Upper Body II -Shoulders

Conditioning workouts: workouts consist of a set of exercises per round performed as fast as possible while maintaining proper form.

  • Full body: Loki, Odin, NEW: Elli
  • Core: Mani, Nott, NEW: Syn
  • Upper body: Sif, Vor
  • Lower body: Sol, Tir, NEW: Baldur, Thor

Challenges: challenges are one exercise with a fixed number of reps performed as fast as possible while maintaining proper form.

  • Back squats – Front thigh, Glutes
  • Bench press – Chest
  • Bent rows – Upper back
  • Plate cocoons – Abs
  • Push press – Shoulders
  • Sumo deadlifts – Lower back, Glutes
  • Thrusters – Front thigh, Shoulders

Rowing endurance: rowing workouts consist of intervals with a given distance performed as fast as possible.

  • 500m intervals
  • 500m ladder
  • 1500m pyramid

How I structure my weekly workouts

I usually train 3 times per week with the Freeletics Bodyweight coach and I add 1-2 cardio session with Freeletics Running. That leaves me about 2 weight training sessions with Freeletics Gym per week.

My focus is on cardio & strength so, as I learned from the Gym coach, I will do one Strength Couplet and one Workout per session.

  • Day 1: lower body
    • Strength Couplet: Lower Body I / II
    • Lower body workout: Sol / Tir / Baldur / Thor
    • Challenges: Back squats, Sumo deadlifts, Thrusters
  • Day 2: upper body
    • Strength Couplet: Upper Body I / II
    • Upper body workout: Sif / Vor
    • Core workout: Mani / Nott / Syr
    • Challenges: Bench press, Bent rows, Push press, Plate cocoons
  • Day 3: full body (Optional)
    • Any Strength Couplet
    • Full body: Loki / Odin / Elli
    • Any Challenges

When I train 5 times with the Freeletics Bodyweight coach then I add one or two Gym workout on the days when the bodyweight workout is short. If I can squeeze in only one workout for the week then it’s a full body, and when I have time for 2 Gym workouts then I do one lower body and one upper body workout.