ASP.NET Overview – The Empire Strikes Back at Build 2016

Scott starts by installing Visual Studio 2015 Preview in 1 minute and 20 seconds.  Installing and opening Visual Studio in 1 minute and 40 seconds total. Installing off a memory stick.

We’ve got ASP.NET 4.6 for WebForms, MVC and Web API. Then there is ASP.NET Core 1.0. .NET Core 1.0 runs on Linux es Windows. ASP>NET Core 1.0 spans both frameworks.


All these are open source.


These are the different flavors of ASP.NET. The point is having choices.


If you don’t want Visual Studio you can check out Atom, Brackets, Emacs, Visual Studio Code and more.

ASP.NET is not a minivan, not anymore, says Scott.

Performance measurements show that ASP.NET is faster than anything else with 3.4 million requests per second for a Hello World project. Not only hardware improvements but among others also memory and garbage collection.

ASP.NET is totally modular so you get to pick what you want. For example, you can bring in MVC, StaticFiles, error page like the DeveloperExceptionPage. Everything is open source so you can take it, fork it and change it however you want.

The .csproj file is now project.json so it’s cross platform. It’s a plain text file containing everything you need for your project to run. Also easier to merge and resolve conflicts than before.

Nuget is for .Net, npm is for tools and libraries, Bower is for client-side JavaScript.

We have a mix of markup and C# code with Razor. This is cleaned up with ASP.NET Core where we have more HTML and use markup and attributes.

  • New feature coming soon: 4-finger swipe.
  • New fonts in Bash.

The .Net strategy is for .Net to run everywhere. Nice demo with ASP.NET Core running on the Raspberry Pi with Windows IoT Core.

Sign up for Docker for Windows beta. Local container development using Hyper-V. Right click and add Docker Support inside of Visual Studio and we get the docker files, you can run application with Docker. You get integration with the Docker tool in Visual Studio. Start a debug session using the production container, live debugging session of your production, remote debugging into a Linux container with Docker. You get the full debug experience inside Visual Studio, setting breakpoints and stepping through the code.

ASP.NET Core runs on any Cloud. Awesome demo of WHERE YOU AT? does a geo location with load balancing. People from all over the world hitting the website and a pin is set to each city.