.Net Overview – A New Hope at Build 2016

Exciting times for .Net. Acquiring Xamarin rounded up .Net. There should be nothing that you can build with .Net.


.Net today. The family gets bigger. We have the .Net Framework, it comes with Windows and it’s the best platform to build desktop applications. Xamarin becomes part of the family today, better license on Mono. Recently introduced .Net Core, also cross platform.


.Net today has some challenges like reusing code with PCLs that the .Net tomorrow is trying to address. Makes the lives of developers easier. Just reference the .Net Standard Library.


Many advantages with the .Net standard Library for developers and platforms. Same APIs on all platforms. .Net Standard can grow without updating platforms.

.Net Innovation will happen in the .Net Standard Library. Innovation will happen faster. Shred across all the stacks. Tooling with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. App Model Innovation will happen also in the .Net Framework, .Net Core and Xamarin.

Developed in the open. Open source and open to community contributions. Open process with roadmap, design docs, standups. This is supported code. Fully supported by Microsoft. 40% performance gains contributed by community. 24K forks, Marketing says people trust Microsoft. Scott jokes, people are making copies because they don’t trust Microsoft. ๐Ÿ™‚

.Net Foundation: Mono and Xamarin SDK today. Also new membersย JetBrains, RedHat and Unity.

.Net Framework


  • Selector for elements in the XAML tree, highlighting element in the Live Visual Tree in Visual Studio. Changing elements live.





C# features




  • Announced today F# support for .Net Core.
  • Multiple versions of .Net Core on a dev box. Architecturally they cannot affect each other.
  • .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”) Analyzers, it’s not going to slow things down. It rund in its own process. You can turn them off individually. They are in GitHub, we can write them ourselves.
  • Code style configurable per developer preference.
  • Search, navigate and debug external code.
  • C# Repl. C# Interactive window.
  • Bing indexing code samples.
  • How do I…? dialog directly in Visual Studio.
  • Find and install latest version from Nuget. Undo removes from References. Redo re-adds in References. Putting it in the undo-redo call stack.
  • F12 goes and finds source code on Nuget.
  • It is planned to index the most popular Nuget packages. Developers can also do it on their machines. Index your source control so you don’t have to put all the projects in your solution. Load less things. Make Visual Studio faster. You can even debug in this externalย source code.

Demo with .Net Core running on Red Hat Linux. Red Hat Loves .Netย and Free Red Hat Developers program.

It’s an awesome time to be a .Net developer. You can build anything with .Net.