Microsoft Cognitive Services: Give Your Apps a Human Side at Build 2016

Microsoft Cognitive Services: Previously known as Project Oxford.

Intelligence. Looking back to the last years it has been an exciting time in AI. Microsoft’s mission is empowering people, AI to augment human capabilities and experiences. The man and the machine.

Microsoft Cognitive Services is about adding smart to the data. Goal is to take the AI expertise and make it available to you. Started with several APIs and added more. Altogether 22 APIs in different areas. Showcase apps like, Fetch,

Suite of intelligent APIs covering 5 areas: vision, speech, language, knowledge and search. Each of the APIs scale, are secure and flexible with continuous improvements and support.


We take a look at the APIs at Microsoft in action:

  • Emotion API – identify emotions based on facial expressions.
  • Bing APIs – Search, Image, Video.
  • CaptionBot – image recognition. Also emotion recognition.ย Conversation as platform, bots are the new apps.

MurphyBot – Behind the scenes

Using Cognitive Services, Bing Image API. Image Morph to take the face and fitting it into the image.


The most exciting in AI isย understanding human language. Focus on natural language is important to bring down the language barrier around the world. Microsoft Translator API integrates speech recognition into your apps.

Demo with Tele2 using the Translator API for speech to speech translations between different languages.

ProDeaf using Translator API for deaf people, many illiterate and unemployed, ProDeaf App and Sign Language Avatar Technology translates spoken languageย to sign language, e.g. spoken Portuguese to American sign language.

Start experiencing the APIs for free at Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Use Microsoft Cognitive Services to build AIs to benefit our societies.