Build 2016 Keynote Day 2 Highlights

Scott Guthrie kicks off keynote day 2 at Build 2016.



Build apps and scale your solutions to any size. Tremendous adoption of Azure. Provides choice and flexibility. Azure is open. Deploy in hyper scale or your own data centers with same set of development services. Only cloud platform with license to operate in mainland of China. Azure has more locations than AWS and Google combined.

Making developers successful remains central to Microsoft. Aim is for you to build better apps faster. Cloud platform and tools deliver unmatched productivity. Usage of azure continues to skyrocket. Customers are creating amazing application. More than 85% Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Cloud Services. Over 40% of Azure usage are startups.

Web + Mobile

Azure App Services to build and scale great cloud apps for web and mobile. Xamarin enables developers to deliver native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Developers can build the native mobile apps with C#.

Miguel de Icaza shows how easy it is to build apps with Xamarin. Icaza is happy to join the .Net Framework team, this was his longest interview. 🙂

Announcing: iOS simulator in Windows available today.

Icaza demoes a sneak preview of Xamarin integration in Visual Studio. Leveraging the work the the Roslyn team has done. Multitouch on your dev box for iOS apps with Windows.

Pricing plan

Announcing: starting today at no extra charge for Visual Studio users. Enterprise, Professional and Community.

Xamarin also available on Mac.

Announcing: new free Xamarin Community Edition on Mac.

Announcing: Xamarin’s core platform is now open source. Joining the .Net Foundation.

Announcing: Unity, JetBrains and Redhat is also joining the .Net Foundation.

It’s an exciting time to be a .Net developer!

Xamarin Test Cloud for automated testing of any mobile apps, not just those written in C#. Integrates well with Visual Studio Team Services. Microsoft is changing the rules of DevOps. You can run Test Cloud tests as part of build process on every TFS checkin. Nothing to install, nothing to purchase. Everything is done for you.

Internet of Things

There will be more than 20 billion connected devices in 4 years. It will change how we live and work. Azure IoT was introduced and many companies use it to deploy consumer solution with Azure IoT. IoT demo of BMW Connected digital services and Open Mobility Cloud built with Azure.

Announcing: BMW Connected available today.

Securely connect IoT business logic with Azure IoT Suite.

Announcing new Azure service: Azure Functions Preview. Pay per execution of the code. Runtime is open source. Reach to event across Azure by running C# or Node.js code.

Azure IoT Suite stiches together the services and customizes them to fit your needs. You can use these pre-configured solutions easily.

Updates coming to Azure IoT services.

Announcing: Microservices with Azure releasing today.

Scott Hanselman demoes Service Fabric and shows Age of Ascent running in the browser. Backend entirely on Azure running on ServiceFabric. Scales in and out dynamically based on the load. You can write your Microservices in any language. Health checks are run on Service Fabric. Scott jokes, I don’t always test my code and when I do I do it in production. 🙂 You can use Service Fabric today.

Announcing: Azure Service Fabric general availability today.

Data + Intelligence

With Azure store and process any volume of data and run Machine Learning and Analytics on it. AccuWeather relies on Azure, uses Azure Data Factory, everything starts with data, creating intelligent data solutions, taking 15 billion data requests every day around the world, with Azure scale instantly and have reliability, provide most accurate weather information to 200 of the Fortune 500 companies.

DocumentDB is a fully manages NoSQL database, scale from few Gb to Terrabytes. Many updates announcing today to DocDB like pricing and scaling options, global database support, adding additional NoSQL programming models like protocol support for MongoDB. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a great example.

Announcing new Azure service: Power BI Embedded preview available today. Pay for what you use. In=app data visualization and reporting. Lara Rubbelke demoes Power BI Embedded with Fabrikam.

Scott Guthrie says, there has never been a better time to be a developer!

Check the Azure IoT and Mobile sample application and ebook at MyDriving.

Office 365

Qi Lu talks about reinventing productivity to transform the way people and organizations work to achieve more. 4 vectors: mobility, collaboration, intelligence and trust. Putting this together we get a huge developer opportunity: build intelligent apps by connecting to Office services with Microsoft Graph, integrate your solutions into Office apps, integrate your services in the conversations with Outlook and Skype. Data is the new oil and intelligence is the new form of energy, Qi Lu says.


Announcing: Office Tools for Visual Studio releasing today.

Boomerang, Office at Work building Office addins. Addins are cross platform.

Announcing: general availability of Office 365 Group Connectors and Skype for Business Web & Mobile SDK.

Go to Office Dev Center.


Steve Guggenheimer and John Shew show the work Microsoft is doing with the partners and the community.

  • Musik Connect
  • Highspot
  • VorlonJS demo  – open source tool for remotely debugging and testing JavaScript.
  • Global Developer Community
  • Vuforia in Unity
  • Imagine Cup
  • Quest Institute

Build goes on the road