The Future Of Visual Studio at Build 2016

The Visual Studio family includes Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Team Services.

Visual Studio is the most popular IDE in the world with 12.7M+ VS2015 downloads, 6K+ extensions in gallery and 950K+ extension downloads per month.

The next version of Visual Studio is available for preview: Visual Studio “15” Preview.

  • VS2015 Update 2
  • VS 15 Preview
  • 10 private patches, 5 made public today
  • 1 patch today at 6 am, developers worked overnight

What’s coming soon

New acquisition experience

New lightweight installer, fast and optimized. Average install time is 180 seconds. It installs only what you need. Low impact and isolated, no more MSI and GAC. The same IDE that you love, just faster and lighter.

Visual Studio installed on stage within just a couple of minutes!

Any developer. Any app.

Tools and services for any developer and any app. Windows, Linus, iOS, Android. .Net, C++, Python, JavaScript,…

Build a Linux project in Visual Studio by selecting Cross platform => Linux in the Project Templates.

Most productive tooling

Improved Developer Inner Loop Productivity with better experience to Edit, Compile, Test and Diagnose your code.

  • Code Style Rules
    • Do (not) prefer .this
    • Prefer explicit type vs. var
  • Find on Nuget and install the latest version directly in the editor
    • Look into the source go: directly into Visual Studio
    • Find references shows GitHub projects directly in Visual Studio
  • Addition for statement completion: list has additional glyphs just for Properties, Events, Interfaces, Classes; substring matches; Camel casing support;

Developer Inner Loop Productivity also includes Commit to share your code. Git is the most popular source code control in Visual Studio. 2/3 of the users use multiple source code controls. New to VS2015 Update 2 and coming soon to VS15 Preview:

  • In the Task Panel: Publish to Git
    • Shows also the branches; create new branches
  • In Team Explorer: Publish directly to Git
  • You will not lose your history when using Visual Studio


Provide feedback to the Visual Studio team

  • Inside Visual Studio: using the glyph on the top-right corner
    • See trending issues directly in Visual Studio and easily +1 an issue
  • Outside Visual Studio: take surveys

Performance: a behind the scenes demo by logging in at the Redmond domain on how the feedback is used to continuously improve the experience.

  • The tool Watson used when Visual Studio crashes.
  • Look at all the data with the tool Elementary.
  • Anonymized data from users.
  • Also traces and dumps collected with the VS feedback.