Build 2016 Keynote Day 1 Highlights

Satya Nadella kicks off the keynote on day 1 at Build 2016.


Our society and technology

Technology is embedded in our lives much more so than ever before. Is technology driving economic growth? Is technology empowering people? These are the issues. We have to make choices how we go about building technology, that assure the way we use technology help us as a society. Microsoft’s mission is to empower people and businesses to achieve more and Microsoft has to start with developers to create the opportunity to create. What are the platforms that will help you change the world?

Mobile-first, cloud-first

Mobile-first is the mobility of the human experience. Cloud is a new form of computing that enables mobility across all the devices. This is the rich world that we are building.

We are building three interconnected platforms. A new emerging platform: conversations as a platform.


Windows 10 is the ultimate dev box, Satya says.

Windows 10 with Terry Myerson

Windows 10 has been out for 8 months and actively used by 270 million users. The fastest Windows adoption ever.

The next wave, the Anniversary Update, coming this summer for free.

  • Windows Hello used today for signing in, with the update also for apps and websites (only Edge).
  • New Ink experience: putting the pen front and center, Sticky Notes and Sketchpad with Ink. Inking as a platform extending to Office (highlight in Word, use ruler in PowerPoint to position items), Maps (route stick in 3D).
  • Will come to Xbox One and to HoloLens
  • New Cortana features

Universal Windows Platform designed for all types of devices, for all customers. This is an open platform. Developer base growing by 60% in the last few months and new apps coming soon (Starbucks, Facebook, Instagram).

Kevin Gallo talks about Windows and UWP: we want Windows to be the home for developers.


Innovations coming to UWP. The advantage of native apps is harnessing the power of GPU. 1000+ new features, like:

  • Effects: blur, mouse effects
  • Windows Ink: quickly and easily integrate Ink into your apps using the XAML InkCanvas and InkToolbar controls

Releasing today Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 and a preview of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK.


Announcing: Bash shell coming to Windows. Not a VM. Not Cygwin. Native Ubuntu Linux binaries on Windows.


Available today: desktop app converter for Win32 apps and games to easily convert to modern desktop apps.

Windows to be the home for developing apps for all devices. Windows, iOS and Android. Build code and take them cross platform.



There is no better time to be Windows developer.

With this update Windows 10 goes beyond the PC. Holographic computing. New Xbox and HoloLens experiences.

Phil Spencer talks about Windows 10 being the best platform for game developers. A fully open development ecosystem. Age of Empires and Witcher 3 running as modern desktop applications. Games take advantage of the common services.

Announcing: Xbox Dev Mode, convert Xbox One into a developer kit. With the Dev Mode Activation, register the console into dev console to deploy and debug apps. All XAMP controls designed to run with touch, mouse and controller. Pair Visual Studio in Windows 10 with Xbox and deploy apps on the console.

More features with Anniversary Update: Bringing Cortana to Xbox One. New features like background music.

DirectX12 is the most powerful and efficient API that Microsoft ever shipped. The fastest adoption of any DX version ever seen.


Alex Kipman talks about holographs. Today HoloLens becomes a reality exclusively on Windows 10. Starts shipping to developers today.


Share Your Idea collected over 5000 ideas and Galaxy Explorer was built, code available on GitHub. Great demo of curricular content created for education in the medical field with HoloLens: 3D holographic content for students.


NASA builds applications in collaboration with Microsoft for astronauts: Destination Mars to explore Mars coming in summer 2016 to Kennedy Space Center.


Satya Nadella talks again about conversations as platform. Three core principles: augment human abilities and experiences, be trustworthy and be inclusive and respectful. Teach computers to learn human language. Tech them about the broad context about your preferences so that they can help you with your everyday tasks and life. It’s not about man versus machine, it’s man with the machine. Bringing it together will help move society forward. It gets the best of humanity, not the worst (Satya hints about the AI chatbot, it wasn’t up to mark so back to the drawing board). Three actors: us the people, personal digital assistant that knows you helping you with your everyday tasks, bots. Satya says, human language is the new UI layer. Bots are like new applications. Digital assistants are meta applications. Intelligence is infused in all your interactions. This is the rich world envisioned in the years to come.

Cortana is becoming smarter every day because of its ability to know you, to know about the world. Answers 1 million voice questions every day. Built natively into Windows but not limited to Windows, available across all of your devices. It has to be about you, not a single device. That’s how Microsoft is building Cortana. The expertise of Cortana is extensible, opportunity  for developers to extend it with their expertise.

Switching gears to communications canvases. Microsoft envisions more and more communication tools. Outlook and Skype. Tremendous activity on Skype: 300 million active users. What if we can bring in your personal digital assistant to your conversations? Bring in the bots to your conversations? Bring in richness to your bots? A smarter and more entertaining Skype. Next generation of Skype working on your iOS, Android, you name it. Cortana in the top right corner in next gen Skype, highlights messages. Skype with Cortana powered by Bing. User can talk directly to Cortana in Skype e.g. to add events to calendar, Cortana can bring in bots e.g. to book hotel.

Announcing: bringing intelligence to video with Skype video bots, e.g. talking to your favorite cartoon character.

Announcing: developers have access to Skype Bots SDK starting today. Build a bot for Skype.

Announcing: bringing intelligence for your holographic conversations with Skype for HoloLens.

Satya says Microsoft wants for every developer to infuse intelligence into apps. Every developer to build a bot. Cortana Intelligence Framework running on Azure with Bot Framework, Cognitive Services for speech recognition and rich machine learning capabilities. Microsoft Bot Framework with Bot Builder SDK available in Node.js and C#. Use a bot to order a pizza using natural language. Rule-based Natural Language Understanding with words triggering verbs, extend dictionary, share dictionary across various bots. Machine Learning based Natural Language Understanding to teach your bot to become smarter. 22 APIs ready to use to get started with on Cognitive Services like object recognition, generate captions for images with CaptionBot.AI, speech to text recognition with CRIS, real customer scenarios like Vigilabs.

Satya says, it’s up to us to imagine what’s possible. One developer inspired Satya: Saqib Shaikh lost his sight and went to school for blind where he was introduced to computers. He joined Microsoft 10 years ago as software engineer. He got the idea for an app that tells you who and what is around you by taking a picture and describing the image. Built at Microsoft Research running on smartphones and smart glasses. Reads out text, e.g. to take a picture of a menu and read the menu.

Satya says, to go after our dreams. We as developers have a tremendous responsibility, not only dream but to build our dream.