Apple Watch not syncing with Activity app

I worked out yesterday. A lot. I went biking. I went running. I used the Apple Watch with every workout but the Activity app was not showing this in the progress.

How often the Activity app should sync can be configured. Mine was set to every 4 hours, but it doesn’t work correctly. I worked out yesterday evening from 18 until 21 o’clock and the Activity app was still not refreshed this morning, that is after 12 hours.

Some people complain on the Apple Forum that the Activity progress is not shown even after 3 days. Restarting the iPhone works sometimes but most of the times it doesn’t.

So what can we do?
1. Go to Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
2. Select Activity.
3. Select Progress Update to “Set a time interval to receive an update on your Activity progress”.
4. Select “None”.

This setting will sync the Activity app with your Apple iPhone continuously. Keep in mind that this might have a slight impact on the battery life of both your iPhone and Watch.