Garmin runners workshop


Tonight I had the opportunity to test the Garmin FR 220 as part of a FREE runners workshop organized by Garmin, to learn about running from professional trainers and to improve my technique.

The workshop was split into groups: beginners and advanced runners, with 10 people in each group and the workshop took about 2 hours.

We were given a short introduction into the topic of running with GPS and we each received a Garmin ForeRunner which we set up with our data like height, weight, and so on.

We started with warm-up that consisted of a short run and dynamic stretching. We then continued with the The ABC’s of Running drillย to learn and improve our techniques regarding contact time with the soil, vertical movement, step frequency and interval training. Afterwards we did test runs while targetingย a specific heart rate zone, pace and distance followed by a 4 x 400 m interval training with 1,5 minute breaks. Finally we did some stretching and strengthening exercises specific for runners that can be done using a bench (stepups, pushup, tricep dips) and in the end we finished up with a run to the endpoint.

It was a great workshop, the trainers were friendly and I learned a lot. I wish I would have the possibility to do this training every week! ๐Ÿ™‚