Lunch To-Go

Chelsea posted about Learning to Love Salads and I also want to share my love for salads, especially for my lunch to-go.

As you know, I recently started packing my own lunch and I as well use Kayla’s Nutrition Guide to make sure that I eat enough servings of each food groups.

Depending on what we have at home, I usually mix & match these ingredients from each food group:

  • Greens: raw baby spinach, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, bag of washed and cut mixed greens
  • Vegetables and legumes: tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, grated carrot, raw/grilled/roasted zucchini or zoodles (zucchini noodles), sugar snap peas, sweet potato, broccoli, kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, corn
  • Grains: brown rice, quinoa, couscous, bulgur, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal or rye bread
  • Dairy: feta cheese, light mozzarella
  • Protein: hard-boiled eggs, grilled or roasted chicken turkey or breast, beef steak, shrimps, grilled fish, can of tuna, minced meat (meatballs), champignons
  • Healthy fats: avocado, nuts, seeds, olives

I usually prep my meals twice a week, on Sunday and on Tuesday/Wednesday. I cook the grains and prepare a choice of protein. While these cool, I assemble a mix of greens, vegetables and legumes, dairy and healthy fats in a huge bowl. I top this with the grains and protein and mix well. I split it into multiple servings and store the lunchboxes in the fridge.

Every morning I pack my oatmeal for breakfast, one salad lunchbox and a choice of fruit for the afternoon. I eat the salad cold because we don’t have a microwave but even so it tastes delicious and it is so much healthier than what I used to eat in the canteen until now.

I skipped the dressing until now but I am going to try Chelsea’s dressing and use it from now on on my salads because it sounds so good: olive oil + balsamic vinegar + spicy mustard + salt + pepper.

This is great for dinner too. I prepared this Quinoa Greek Salad yesterday evening for my lunches. My boyfriend insisted in having a bowl for dinner, even though he never had quinoa before, and he loved it!