Healthy Eating Out Checklist



Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it is over 30 degrees. We’re meeting our friends in the beer garden today after work and with this occasion I thought that I will do a quick post about how I make sure to eat healthy when going out.



This beer garden is a special gastronomic experience, it has a historic steam-powered engine that still works and they show it in action every evening for the guests.





Healthy Eating Out Checklist

  1. Incorporate some kind of exercise: walk to the restaurant and go for a walk after dinner. I have it all figured out for tonight, I will come from work and stop at an earlier train station so I can walk 5K to the beer garden today and we plan to take a walk with our friends after dinner as well.
  2. What’s on the menu: check the menu online and think in advance of what to eat and drink.
  3. Choose a healthy combination of vegetables and lean protein. Since it’s so warm now, I will probably have a salad with turkey breast stripes.
  4. Skip the sauces, gravies, heavy salad dressings, fried food and sugar-loaded desserts.
  5. Drink water or unsweetened homemade tea.



What are your tips for eating healthy when eating out?

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