Sgt Pepper’s Friends


I decided some time ago that if I want to clean up my diet and do better, I have to keep track of my slip-ups and cheats so I know what I have to improve. I did just that in June: I kept a list of when and what I did or ate that I probably shouldn’t have. This list grew to 15 items.

I learned a lot from this list and I hope I can avoid some in the future but I also realized that I can do something good with this. So today I donated 15 euros for each of these 15 items on my list to @sgtpeppersfriends. Sgt Pepper’s Friends are dedicated to animal rescue across the globe and I love what they are doing. I hope this can help them a little to help more animals in need.

@sgtpeppersfriends replied to my donation with an email and this cute thank-you note. That is so thoughtful! Thank you so much! โค๏ธ

Thank you for your donation

I already started a new list for July. While I will try to do better than in June and hopefully have a shorter list at the end of this month, I will also make a new donation to an organization that I will choose at the end of this month.