What I Ate Wednesday #1 – Weekdays


Hello and welcome to my first What I Ate Wednesday!

I thought to start this series of posts with what I normally eat during the week.

I track my meals on MyFitnessPal (add me as a friend, if you wish 🙂 ) and I re-named the meals from breakfast, snack, lunch,… to simply M1, M2, M3,… It’s easier for planning and tracking because I don’t have to think too long about which meal it is or at which time I will eat it.

So here we go:


Meal 1 is usually around 7-8 a.m. right after I wake up and have my coffee. I normally prepare fresh juice with carrots, apple, orange,… on Sunday evening so I drink a small glass each morning on weekdays.

During the winter I usually eat a bowl of hot porridge from MyMuesli that I prepare with some low-fat milk and cook in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. I top it with peanut/almond butter or with a piece of dark chocolate.

Nutrition information: 300 kcal, 10 fat, 50 carbs, 10 protein

Other times I prepare overnight oats at home the night before. I mix some Bircher Muesli from MyMuesli with low-fat milk in a small jar, leave it overnight in the fridge and eat it in the morning.

Nutrition information: 300 kcal, 10 fat, 40 carbs, 10 protein

M2 & M4

I eat my meal 2 at 10-11 a.m. at the office while working and meal 4 is my afternoon coffee and snack. This is when I have some fruits like an apple or clementines and/or a handful of trail mix or cashew nuts.

Nutrition information: 200 kcal, 8 fat, 30 carbs, 5 protein


Meal 3 is usually my lunch that I eat at the office canteen. I try to pick a healthy mix of high protein, high carbohydrates and low fat but it’s difficult because the meals are usually very high in fat and calories. I always skip the deep-fried stuff and the sauces. The side dish is mostly cooked vegetables or a small salad mix.

Nutrition information: 400 kcal, 10 fat, 40 carbs, 40 protein

M5 & M6

My meals 5 and 6 depends on whether it is a workout or rest day.

On a workout day I normally go to the gym after work and have a protein shake with a banana after the workout which would be my meal 5.

Nutrition information: 230 kcal, 2 fat, 33 carbs, 22 protein

On workout days meal 6 is my dinner and on a rest day it’s meal 5 after going home from work. I usually prepare something quick which is high protein, medium carb and low fat. I eat some leftovers from the weekend, a sandwich or a salad with chicken and some bread.

On rest days meal 6 is a small evening snack, usually one piece of dark chocolate or a handful of pretzels.

My daily nutritional goal is currently 1618 kcal, 36 fat, 222 carbs, 101 protein with macros set to 55C-25P-20F calculated with If It Fits Your Macros & Flexible Dieting for fat loss at the suggested 15% and I usually reach it, give or take 5%.