Cyber Monday Deals

I started to follow the Cyber Monday deals on Amazon a few years ago and I usually buy a couple of things that I need. This year I went all out and did a huge shopping spree. I needed most of this stuff and some I just bought because, well, I can. 🙂

I checked the deals for the day early in the morning and made myself reminders on my phone for the things that I was interested in. Depending on the price and discount, I placed the order or waited a day or two to see if a better deal comes along.

Some items were high on demand and they were 100% reserved within just a few seconds. People were probably anxiously refreshing the page and holding the mouse cursor on the Add to cart button. 🙂

I got 15 packages in total. The post guys probably had a lot of packages to deliver during that Cyber Monday week, not only to me.

So what did I get?


BlenderBottle Combo Pack

I have so many shakers from Fitness Guru for my protein shake but I always wanted a Blender Bottle too and this combo pack includes also a stack with small containers which I can take with me.

Nebulus Sauna kilt

I started going more often to the sauna at the gym after the workout. It’s a good way to switch off from everything. I wear this sauna kilt for those few minutes that I relax after the sauna and it’s so nice, warm and comfy.


I wanted to get myself sports headphones as well and there were a few good deals but eventually St. Nicholas brought me the Transform from Soul Electronics in red & black and I am super happy with them.



The evil within

My brother wanted this game and I was really glad that I found it on Cyber Monday. I might even play it too after he finishes it. I like a good spooky game.

Shadow of Mordor

This was a last minute purchase for my bf, let’s see how he likes it.

Halo – The Master Chief Collection

I love the Halo games and I just had to have the collection. Especially now that it’s so cold outside, I have something to do in the evenings and on weekends.


We also wanted Far Cry 4 but the Cyber Monday deal was only for PS4 and none for Xbox One. I played Far Cry 3 online with my brother and I loved it so we will probably get the game anyway.


Terminator 1,2,3 and 4

I am preparing for Terminator Genisys which is coming next year. Can’t wait! I loved all four Terminator movies and I plan to re-watch them before Genisys.



I am usually not buying clothes online because I got burned a few times when it didn’t fit me well and I was too lazy to send it back so I was stuck with stuff which I never wore.

I made an exception this time and ordered a black Levi’s jeans. Levi’s is so expensive in Germany and it seemed like a good deal. I tried the jeans on when the package came and I am pretty happy with how it fits.


I bought Nivea gift sets for me and my bf. I desperately needed body lotion anyway and the gift set was a good deal.

Snacks for the humans

I got a 1 kg bag of trail mix for us (we almost ate it all already), 1 kg bag of mixed Lindt for my brother and mom (I am visiting them for xmas) and also a 1 kg box of mixed Milka Naps for my colleagues.

I also ordered a huge tea selection box with 12 x 15 tea bags for work. I drink a lot of tea during the winter and this was perfect for the office.

Snacks for the cat

The cat is family too, right? Our Funny Bunny got a huge box of Felix Snacks. It will last her for months or even years. We might even have to give some away too.