November Wrap Up



November was pretty successful fitness-wise.

I completed weeks 5-8 of 1-2-3 Grow with 5 workouts every week. I’ve been feeling quite tired but my motivation is still high.

Reverse dieting is going well although I decided to stay at 2000 calories for a few weeks with macros set to 65C-25P-15F. I just couldn’t manage to eat more than that without feeling like I am stuffing my face all the time.

My clothes are starting to feel tight, especially on my arms and legs. I had to pack away some of my jeans which I can’t fit in anymore (they were already tight before bulking). 😦

I was actually told two weeks ago that I am doing too much sports because my quads are big, which was a bit tough to handle but I got over it. This person also said that I have some nice muscles so I will take it all as a compliment.

I feel fluffy right now but I see more muscles below all that fluff than I have ever seen before. I am even wearing skinny jeans which I avoided forever but my quads, hamstrings and backside look pretty nice in them. 😉

December will be my last month of reverse dieting and I have 4 weeks left of 1-2-3 Grow so I decided to go all in. I re-calculated my calories and macros with IIFYM and I selected the aggressive bulking with 15% for these last few weeks. I will try this even if I feel like I am eating all the time and often without even being hungry but even so I didn’t gain any weight so far so it’s working. The body is fascinating!

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
 Your Daily Goal 2,140 36 348 107

I am doing a challenge in December, 5 squats for every like of this post so head over to Instagram and like!


I get to code a lot at work which makes me happy. I am also working on the Android game that I started in October and I am learning a lot. It’s been a while since I’ve used Java and Eclipse (I am coding in Android Studio now) so it’s nice to use it again. I am still a Microsoft fan though. Visual Studio and C# rocks!

I wanted to watch some Pluralsight videos too as part of my learning plan for MCP but I haven’t had much time and I will probably have even less time now in December with all the work, workouts and trips coming up. I will absolutely definitely start studying for my next MCP exam from January. Scout’s honor! 🙂



I am spending my bus/train/subway ride to and from work with reading books on my Kindle and I am currently at the 3rd book of The Maze Runner series.

I watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 in the cinema last week and, despite all the negative critics that it got, I liked it. The movie seemed a bit long, the story was stretched and Mockingjay part 1 and 2 could be probably packed into one movie but I am still a fan of the books and the movies.

I finished House Of Cards and I am waiting for the next season but in the meantime I am still watching Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars (currently season 2) and season 3 of Revenge.


We squeezed in a long weekend in the mountains in November. You can read all about it here.