Last day in Bodrum and The Maze Runner

We picked the restaurant Kรถrfez on the promenade for dinner two nights ago and it was a total fail. The restaurant claims that they are the oldest restaurant in town, dating back to 1927 when it was opened as the first restaurant in Bodrum and that they are high quality. It looked nice enough, lots of tables occupied mostly by tourists (this should have been a sign for us already, it’s best to eat where the locals eat!) and fresh fish on display in the front.

My boyfriend chose the grilled calamari and it came with no side dish for a super expensive price and it was such a tiny portion plus the calamari was cold! I had the chicken shish, which was supposed to be the famous turkish chicken shish kebab or chicken skewers. It was plain chicken meat fried a bit with some plain rice, cold fries and onion, very basic food and nothing like the real turkish shish kebab.

Remember what I wrote about the tourist trap restaurants on the promenade? This is one of them. Or perhaps we just ordered the wrong stuff.

We were both so disappointed that we headed straight to my favorite cake store and I got something delicious with chocolate.


We went yesterday to the beach again after breakfast with the shuttle at 11 and decided to stay longer and get back to the hotel with the last shuttle at 18 o’clock.

We made a detour to the Mandarin Oriental to drop some people off and I was happy to have the opportunity to see this famous hotel which just opened now in the summer of 2014. We actually considered staying there but then we saw the prices… If you have the cash, go for it! It looked amazing!

Back to the beach again, I swam a couple of times in the ocean and it was so quiet and nice, no wind at all. We also went to bar and I had a special cocktail recommended by the bartender, it was very good but he definitely dropped too much vodka in it. I didn’t mind but I had to wait a bit till I could go swimming again.


I finished The Rosie Project yesterday at the beach and while it was somewhat entertaining, I wasn’t so impressed. The beginning was ok but then it got so boring.

I started reading The Maze Runner since the movie is coming soon and I want to see what’s it all about. This book is supposed to be like The Hunger Games but while it doesn’t really measure up to that level, I still find it quite good and interesting so far.

We went to the Ox burger place again for dinner last night. It was our last evening in Bodrum and we didn’t want to experiment with any new restaurants and experience bad food again. I had a huge cheeseburger with fries and could not even think about dessert even though we passed by my favorite cake store twice and I really really wanted a turkish rice pudding one last time. I guess I’ll have to find a recipe and make it myself at home.


After a nice walk at the market we took a cab back to the hotel to skip climbing the big hill with our full tummies.

I skipped the gym yesterday, I feel pretty bad about that because I was really in the mood and I have two more workouts to finish JELF but there was no time.

I am pretty sad about leaving Bodrum, we had such a nice time and everything was so perfect. I wish we could have stayed longer, this trip and Bodrum was so much better than expected and The Marmara Hotel is amazing! We definitely made the right choice coming here and I highly recommend it!

We took a cab from the hotel this morning after breakfast and checking out. Again the whole experience at the hotel is so amazing, from checkin to checkout, to breakfast, to service, to friendliness. They called a cab for us and took our luggage and opened the door for us to get in, this is what I am talking about, this high class service! And this just happens all the time, every time we took a cab or returned to the hotel with a cab, someone from the reception hurried to open the door for us. This is just an example of many and all these little things make the whole experience so great.

We were stopped and controlled by police on the highway on the way to the airport and I was surprised that the airport in Bodrum greets passengers with a security check already at the entrance to the airport where they scan everybody and all the luggage too.

We checked in for the flight and passed a second security check and we’re now enjoying a nice turkish coffee till boarding time.


We’re flying to Istanbul first and have three hours till the connecting flight and I have a hidden plan to do some shopping while waiting there. ๐Ÿ˜‰