The windmills in Bodrum and The Rosie Project

I’ve been too busy these last few days being lazy but I’m back now to report just how lazy I’ve been.

I spent the day at the pool two days ago doing pretty much nothing but floating in the water (still too cold!) or laying on the sunbed reading. I was too lazy to go to the city for dinner so we just ordered room service and I relaxed in the evening. I did however go to the gym in the afternoon to train legs and it was a really good workout, my muscles hurt ever since.

I went to the gym again yesterday after breakfast and did back and abs circuit training and cardio on the cross trainer. I spent the afternoon in the shades lounging, reading and napping. We went to the city late in the afternoon and climbed the hill to the windmills. The area looks abandoned and the windmills are distroyed but the view to Bodrum is beautiful. There are also a lot of locals driving there with the car just to hang around and listen to the loud music coming from their car.

We walked back to the city center and to the promenade while being followed by a big black street dog, he looked harmless but I swear he was after me because whenever I crossed the street to avoid him he crossed the street too and he was waiting for me on the other side. I was rescued by two locals who saw me dispair after crossing the street for the tenth time and they offered to go in front and make way for me.

We had dinner at Ox Wine and Burger, fantastic burgers! Absolutely recommend!


We walked after dinner some more to recover from dinner, I felt so full that I couldn’t even think about dessert. We watched a show on the promenade where Bulgarian dancers were dancing.

I finished Me Before You and suprise: it’s not a happy end but it is a beautiful love story nevertheless.

I decided that my next book is going to be a jolly one so I started The Rosie Project yesterday and so far I sort of like it. It’s about a guy like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory who decides to do a project to find a wife. It’s quite funny how it’s written and even though I wouldn’t stay up late at night to read it because it’s not so captivating, it makes a good vacation read.

I had a little incident three days ago on the beach. I was turning on the sunbed and I accidentally turned over on a bee and it stung me. I almost cried from the pain but we got the piece out and put ice on it. It looked ok then although it was itching like hell but some time later I didn’t pay attention and scratched it really hard and it got all red around it.

I panicked yesterday evening a bit because the redness wasn’t going away and I saw something in the small hole where the bee stung me. My boyfriend opened up the hole and cleaned it and we got another piece out. This was yesterday evening and I had nightmares that they will have to cut off my leg.

It looks much much better now, I think opening up the hole, cleaning it and draining whatever was in it (sorry if the description is too yucky) was a good idea. The redness is starting to fade away. It doesn’t hurt and it didn’t hurt before either so I don’t think that it was/is infected. According to google, the redness is a reaction to the venom of the bee so it’s all good.

Today it was beach day again and we took the 13 o’clock shuttle after breakfast and a quick workout, trained chest and calves and ran on the treadmill.

I managed to not get stung by another bee but I was attacked several times. I don’t know why but I seem to be a magnet for such incidents and, according to my boyfriend, also IT problems.

Today was rather uneventful, I swam a couple of times in the sea and otherwise lay on the sunbed reading and napping.

We’re soon going to the city for dinner and I am in the mood for fish and I might even have a dessert from that cool place where I had the turkish rice pudding last time. We’re usually skipping lunch every day because of the big breakfast so I end up really hungry in the evening.

Tomorrow is our last day in Bodrum and there are no special plans, probably doing the same as today, just lazying at the beach. Life is good!

The windmills and Bodrum pictures (upload in progress)