Beach day and Me Before You

We started the day with the usual breakfast with turkish specialties. I am really loving the pide but also all the other delicacies, especially the olives and sheep cheese, and the fruits are so sweet.


We took the shuttle from the hotel to the Flamm beach club and wondered why we were the only guests that morning going to the beach. Last time the shuttle was full. We played with five small kitties when we got there, the poor little ones lost their mommy and I just wished I could take them all home with me.


As soon as we got to the beach we realised why we were the only guests there in the morning, there was a very strong wind blowing and there were huge waves. People were hiding at the beach bar but we made ourselves comfy on a couple of sunbeds and the people came out in the sun to join us.

The wind stayed strong throughout the day and nobody went swimming in the sea, I guess they thought it was too dangerous, but I swam once and loved the big waves!


We planned to go back to the hotel with the 14 o’clock shuttle but we actually liked it on the beach despite the wind, the sun was shining and I got caught up in this new book I started reading, Me Before You. I think I hit the jackpot again with a beautiful romantic story that won’t end happily and I really can’t put it down, it’s so good but I am dreading to finish it. I’ve read a few reviews from girls who wrote that they cried for days after reading the book. Is it too much to ask for a romantic story with a happy ending?! I get really attached to te characters andI just want to know that they will live happily ever after.


We didn’t really notice how strong the sun was today because of the wind and I didn’t use sun cream as often as I should have so we got pretty burned.

We took the 18 o’clock shuttle back to the hotel and after a short break (I wanted to go to the hotel gym but it was too late already) we walked to the city to hunt for our dinner.

We picked a turkish fast food place and I had a dürüm döner, kind of different than what I had till now. The döner was filled with meat only and it was without any sauce, served with salad and fries on the side. It tasted good but I’m not a big fan of beef and lamb meat. Next time I’ll try the chicken.


This was the second time when the waiter was shockeded that I ordered Ayran, I don’t really understand why. I saw plenty of tourists drinking it too and it goes well with turkish dishes.

We finished with turkish tea on the house and then walked along the promenade after dinner and picked up delicious turkish rice pudding from Yunuslar Karadeniz. I absolutely recommend this place! So many yummy sweets here!


We took a cab back to the hotel (except for walking, cabs are the best transportation here in Bodrum, cheap and fast) and ai think I will soon sleep like a rock. Doing nothing whole day can be exhausting!

Tomorrow is a pool day and I am training legs at the hotel gym. No excuses! The plan is to keep my meals light, turkish food can be quite heavy and I am not used to that.

I can’t believe that we’re in Bodrum for five days already, the time passes so fast. Too fast!