Above the clouds


Our visit at the airport in Istanbul has been too short. We arrived with a slight delay and we had to completely exit to return back to the connecting flight. Talk about bad airports…

A friend told me that there is a big shopping mall at the airport in Istanbul and I was planning for a shopping spree there for just a couple of hours till our connecting flight but I had to cancel that plan as soon as we saw the huge line at the pass control at the international departure. I wasn’t even sure that we will pass through the pass control and the security check on time.

We had some time remaining after passing through it all so I checked the duty free and bought some turkish sweets, like the turkish delight and turkish nougats, some green tea, chocolate covered fruits and nuts and olive oil with various spices.

I bought a turkish cooking book because i love turkish food so much and plan to try some recipes and I really really wanted to buy a Bodrum mug at Starbucks. I have a huge collection with all the cities and countries I visited and there were a bunch of Bodrum mugs on the way to Bodrum at the airport in Istanbul at the domestic flights terminal but there was none at the international departure. They had all kinds of mugs with every possible cities in Turkey but no Bodrum. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We waited at our gate but then it was changed so we had to hurry but it turned out that we had to wait there some more because boarding started 40 minutes too late.

I love Turkish Airlines, except for the deplays of course. The planes, seats, service, friendliness and food is so good. We had seats at the emergency exit on the flight to Istanbul with seriously large legroom (it was my first time sitting at the emergency exit and with my luckI was kinda worried that something will happen but it went smooth). The flight was only 2,5 hours but we had a menu with warm meals to choose from and lots of good movies to watch with the entertainment system. After having read The Fall In Our Stars I watched the movie on the flight.

We arrived with a 30 minutes delay to our destination and after waiting again in a long queue at the passport check, picking up our luggage, pushing our way out from the airport because of the huge crowd, being stopped at customs to be controlled for cigarrettes (I don’t even smoke!!!), we finally arrived home.

It’s movie night tonight and we started with the comedy Ride Along, a very funny movie with Ice Cube, definitely recommended! Next movie is going to be something spooky!

I am on vacation for the rest of the week and I have some errends to run but I plan to do some sports too and do some shopping. I didn’t do any shopping in Turkey at all and I need to make up for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰