If you’ve been reading my blog for the last six months or so, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been learning for the MCPD upgrade exam since January. I only mentioned it like every week! ๐Ÿ˜€

The deadline was the end of July because the exam will retire soon and I didn’t want to leave it till the last minute so I scheduled the exam two weeks ago and spent most of that time till today, except for work and gym, studying. This is also the reason why I’ve been MIA these last couple of weeks.

These intense study sessions during the last six months (and working in web development for over 10 years) definitely paid off and I am super happy to report that I passed the exam today! Woohoo!!!

The exam was pretty difficult but managable. I had 3,5 hours for 80 questions in total, broken down into 4 sections and one case study.

The sections, in order during the exam, were: web development (20 questions), WCF (20 questions), data access (20 questions) and designing web apps (6 case study questions and 14 additional questions).

I took the maximum points for the last three sections (to my surprise because I wasn’t sure about a couple of my answers) but what I actually didn’t expect is that I got only 900 points out of 1000 for the first section. I don’t know which question(s) I answered incorrectly but I was so sure that I got all the answers right. This will annoy me for days, I know it!

I partied hard afterwards with a big shopping spree in the city (bought a bunch of workout gear, what else? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ) and enjoyed a delicious froyo, peanut curry with chicken, a devine slice of Sachertorte and frappuccino.


But I am not done yet (I don’t think I will ever be…). This was the upgrade exam for .Net 4 and I am one version behind so I will take a summer break and start learning in the autumn again to upgrade to .Net 4.5 which I will hopefully pass in the winter.