Fit with a plan

Confession: it’s been 5 weeks since I last exercised and I really miss it!

I had a lot on my plate recently with the trip to San Francisco, the jetlag, then visiting my family over the Easter weekend, a lot of work to do and not so much free time. I am not trying to search for excuses, the truth is that I got lazy and I let myself go. I stopped exercising and I started eating unhealthy food again. The scale and my clothes show the negative effect of my little break.

I checked today my training calendar on Endomondo and as I counted back to 5 weeks ago when I was at the gym last time (which was also my last workout, period), I started to wonder why I let it go on for so long and it suddenly hit me that I stopped planning out my workouts and instead relied on the hope that I will spontaneously go work out when I have a little bit of free time. I also noticed that my nutrition is much better and healthier when I work out consistently.

These last few weeks proved that spontaneity does not work for me. I need a plan and I have to stick to it. So starting from now I am back on track, planning my weekly workouts and my meals upfront.