IRobot Roomba

My birthday is coming up soon and I already got an early present from my boyfriend: I will never ever have to vacuum clean again! Yaaaay!





What’s in the box

Home base station
Cleaning tool
Guide books


How to set it up

Plug charger in and connect it to the home base.
Place Roomba on home base.
Charge till the Clean button is green.
Press Clean.
Let Roomba clean until it stops.



Optional accessories

– Virtual Walls create a barrier which the Roomba will not cross, for example when it should clean only one room.
– Remote Control


– I can sit back and let the Roomba do its magic.
– It cleans very well.
– It’s excellent also for houses with pets, we have a cat and it manages to get all the fur around the house.
– It speaks! When it’s stuck, it says error warning please move it to another location and press start.
– Models 650 and above can be scheduled when to clean, for example when we are not home.


– It’s loud.
– It takes about 30 minutes for 100 square meters.
– It missed some spots.
– It sometimes needs a little help when it gets stuck between/on furnitures but it notifies you so you can move it to a new location.
– There is a small sound when it is being charged.

With all the pros and cons in mind, my opinion is that the Roomba is a fascinating gadget and a great addition to help with the house chores.