Weekly Recap


I planned to start the week with a weight training on Monday but life happened and I had to push it to Tuesday. With this change, I took 4 rest days in total and it was hard to get back because laziness kicked in but once I started I was again hooked on sports.

Weight training on Tuesday went smoothly, I am increasing the weights with every session which according to my trainer is very good and I also agree because I feel that I am getting strong every day. Actual visual results are still lacking, no six pack in sight yet, but I had a coaching session on Thursday and we changed the training plan so I am hoping that this will improve with the time.

I took a rest day on Wednesday since I stayed longer in the office and had dinner with friends afterwards but I was back in the gym on Thursday for a pretty long session: I started with 20 minutes incline walk on the treadmill followed by 1 hour of Pilates and finishing it with 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

As I mentioned before, I had the coaching session on Thursday too and I actually expected that we will just increase the weights in the system too and I asked for a few more exercises so that I have a full-body workout but instead we changed the training plan completely which is good because otherwise the body gets used to the same exercises over and over.

We changed the sets and reps from 2 x 20 to 3 x 10 and increased the weights significantly for building more muscles so I am positive that I will see results soon!

We did the new training plan together for the first time and the trainer showed me each exercise first and then looked at my form and corrected me if necessary. If I had doubts about the gym and the high prices before, I am now completely convinced that it’s all worth it because there are not many gyms that provide this kind of support and care to their members.

Friday evening is usually yoga and sauna time, the yoga class was incredible and the sauna was this time lemon-scented which was such a nice touch.

For Sunday I have planned another weight training session, although I might swap it for an outdoor run or a swimming session depending on the mood and weather on Sunday.


I am still using my FitBit One daily, it’s so easy to just snap it on the pocket of my jeans and forget about it for the rest of the day. It’s definitely practical! I don’t use it during my workouts so the step counts are not completely accurate but it’s nevertheless useful data.

What I do use during my workouts is the Polar FT7 and I love seeing the heart rate live on the cardio machines and also the entire data after each session.


Except for some cheat meals here and there, my nutrition has been good and I feel so much better compared to the last weeks when I was eating so much junk. Overnight berry oats with greek yoghurt has been my go-to breakfast this week and it’s super delicious!

The scale showed a significant weight increase last weekend which I assume is the effect from the last few weeks, although muscle % is staying constant and the body fat is slowly going down.

Anyhow I am hoping that this weekend I will have a better success scale-wise because I managed to get both my workouts and my nutrition under control.


Weight: -0.8 kg
Body fat: -1.1%
Muscle: +0.5%
Chest: -1 cm
Waist, hips, thigh: 0 cm


I am continuing on the path of game development in my free time just for fun and I am playing currently with building a clone of Space Invaders in Windows Forms with a basic design, just to get started with the whole concept.

I definitely planned to start studying for the MCPD exam on some of the evenings but failed once again so I will take some more time on the weekend.

I registered for the Build 2014 conference in San Francisco on 2-4 April and while it’s still not 100% sure if I will go but I really really want to!!!

TechEd Europe 2014 has been announced in Barcelona on 27-31 October.

One Note is integrated on the web in SkyDrive but the new website One Note is much better and has so many features, I use it now very often.

Interesting podcasts:


This week has been mostly Mad Men, I’ve been hooked again on this tv show, I really like January Jones as Betty. I’ve been catching up on the last few episodes of 2 Broke girls as well, it’s so funny!

As you probably know, this week was the Super bowl and no I haven’t watched it but I fell in love with the Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love”. It’s just so cute!


I tried to play Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One but the update was stuck at 55% so I tried then to play Ryse but that required a 3 Gb update first. I had to wait 24 hours till all the updates were downloaded and installed. What’s up with these big updates???

I did play a bit of Dead Rising 3 but I am currently not really feeling this game, it’s mostly my type but some missions like the Zen Garden or Defeating The Motorcycle Gang Boss is soooo hard even on the lowest difficulty level that I get frustrated and just stop playing.

I am taking a break from Candy Crush because this game is becoming annoying as well. I reached level 76 and each level is so incredibly difficult, I managed to complete a level mostly by luck and playing the game is no longer fun.