Sporty in the winter

I’ve spent a wonderful day in the spa yesterday relaxing, reading (finished The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, absolutely recommend the book and the movie too), swimming, enjoying the sun in the outdoor pool and doing aqua gymnastics twice for 20 minutes. My muscle were incredibly sore afterwards!

Today I went ice skating and although I was a bit afraid because I am so out of practice, I started skating by holding myself on the edge first but eventually got so into it that I was skating like a pro and didn’t want stop.

My feet are not used to the skates and they were hurting terribly but I persisted and felt great in the end.


I started Endomondo and was surprised that only 30 minutes ice skating makes about 3 kms and burns 250 calories. This is not only fun but also a great workout!

If the weather allows, I will be cross country skiing tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Being outside and breathing the fresh air is so important! During winter especially I tend to stay indoor, watch too much tv and not do enough exercise, except for the occasional visits to the gym. But there are so many fun ways to exercise during the winter and mixing it up a little helps me not to get bored and fall back into my lazy ways.

Plus I think about the hot coffee or mulled wine and the delicious cake I can enjoy afterwards without having a bad conscience. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I especially enjoy:

  • Ice skating
  • Cross country skiing
  • Running
  • Walking

Other winter activities:

  • Skiing
  • Snow shoeing

How do you stay active in the winter?