Lazy Sunday

We spent hours on Saturday night trying to complete the first mission in Splinter Cell Blacklist and eventually quit in frustration but we woke up excited on the next morning, ready to give it another try. We completed the first mission in no time but then ended up spending again hours with the second mission. I have a feeling that this game is going to take ages to finish.

I planned to go swimming on Sunday and I was so confident that the spa is going to be empty since it’s almost Christmas. Oh boy, was I wrong! The spa and the pools were so crowded but nevertheless I made three rounds of 20 minutes 500 m and taking breaks in the jacuzzi. I was so relaxed afterwards but starving and very sore on the next day!

We came back from the spa and went back to completing the second mission in Splinter Cell Blacklist (it took us again a few hours) and finished the evening with another Scandal marathon. I love this series, the story is so good!

As the tech support in this family, I have the task to fix/upgrade the computers everytime I come to visit. Windows 8.1 is out and I will have to upgrade 2 computers and one tablet till Sunday.

I planned to upgrade the PC on Monday and it all went smooth up until it restarted and the screen went black for 15 minutes. After restarting the computer, it went back to restore the previous version, so obviously something went wrong with the update but I don’t know what because there was no error.


The restore didn’t work either since Windows tried to diagnose and repair the PC afterwards. Now I am going to have to waste days on fixing this on my vacation.


Updating an Apple product is so easy and simple, why can’t the Microsoft stuff also just work?