IT problems

I’ve struggled half a day to upgrade the family PC to Windows 8.1 and trying to restore it after it failed but I finally succeeded on the second try and even installed Office 2013. One down, two more to go!

I needed a break afterwards and a yoga session so I pulled out my new Nike yoga mat (still too new and slippery, almost landed on my face during downward dog) and a new dvd which I tried now for the first time, Yoga del Mar with Ursula Karven. This dvd contains a newbie, an advanced and a cardio workout. As with all new dvds, I always go with the newbie workout first to check the difficulty level and this was exactly right for my fitness and mood (I am still sore from Jilian Michaels and swimming).


As I was doing sun salutations, my puppy was doing her downward and upward facing dog poses, so we both got in our workout and relaxation time (shavasana was a wonderful music with the ocean sound in the background).

I’ve met with the family in the afternoon for an early dinner and we have a great time telling stories of what has happened in the last months. Since I visit only every 3-6 months and have little time in between, we have to use these short visits to catch up.

I considered having something without meat but I went eventually with everybody’s choice and had a few Romanian mici, they are sort of like cevapcici, with fries. I know I know, not so healthy but I’ve been careful today not to overeat so let’s say that it was allowed. I skipped dessert but had a small slice of our delicious tiramisu when we came home.


We planned to continue our spy life in Splinter Cell Blacklist in the evening but we decided to postpone it till tomorrow morning and instead do a Scandal marathon since we were left with a cliffhanger last night and I was dying to see what happens next.

Changing the topic, I have to brag that my Santa came early this year and brought me a new iPad Air before embarking on the long journey to come here and I really love it. It’s so small and light and thin. Unlike my challenging IT problems with the Microsoft stuff, I set up the iPad in a few minutes before the trip and it just works!

I previously had an iPad 2 (I think Santa brought me that one too three years ago) and I gave it now to my brother for Christmas (he also got my old iPhone last year and became a huge Apple fan ever since) and he’s loving it too. He’s been searching for apps and having so much fun with it. I am trying to convince him to start playing Candy Crush so that I can ask him for additional lives if I run out.

My mom has a Windows tablet because I thought it will be easier for her since she has a Windows 8 PC and notebook, but it’s been quite challenging to use it (I hope it will get better with Win 8.1, I will try to upgrade it tomorrow). For example, she tried to use the camera app recently but it shows that it needs permission to use the camera and not even I managed to find this setting.

On top of it all, we experienced a strange problem just now. I installed the Wordament game for her and tried to log her into Xbox inside the game but failed the first couple of times. It worked on the third time but it logged us in with somebody else’s id. Whoever is shakierpig88, we’re sorry! It wasn’t our fault! I swear!

Last but not least, I saw this today on twitter and thought it was so cute:

@Theremina: Kitteh politely signs to deaf human caregiver for food. Heart…splode.