Wednesday was the last day at work for this year, I turned on the out of office message, turned off my computer and went straight home to pack as I will be spending the next 10 days including Christmas with my mom, my brother and my puppy.

I had a long day yesterday, travelling for 1500 km back to my home town by taking two flights and finally driving for the last 100 kms.

The flights went pretty good and I filled the waiting time with checking all the airport shops, playing Candy Crush till my phone’s battery got empty (I am really addicted to this game) and enjoying good food (I hate airport and airplane food but I luckily found a great Thai place at this airport).


It took me 12 hours but I finally arrived and I spent a quiet relaxing evening with a small dinner followed by Scandal season 3 marathon with my brother. This series is awesome and Shonda Rhimes really knows how to keep the viewers on the edge.

I planned a lazy Friday but I couldn’t sit still unless I work out a bit so I unpacked my new Jilian Michaels Collection and tried No More Trouble Zones.


No More Trouble Zones is the Jilian usual, a 40-minute body weight circuit training. Some exercises require small dumbbells. I was really feeling it and my muscles were burning the whole time.


Jilian’s workouts are definitely a great travel companion, especially this box set as I get to pick which one I am in the mood for and, whatever I choose, I can’t go wrong with it because with Jilian I get to work out all the muscles and feel really good afterwards.

I will be sticking to my initial plan for the rest of the day, just relax and cuddle with my puppy. After some grocery shopping in the afternoon, me and my brother will be starting Splinter Cell Blacklist on the Xbox and we have the next 9 days to finish it. As with every visit, we always finish one offline coop game and try to get as many achievements as possible.