Fitness check

I’ve been pretty busy ever since I came back from the trip to the mountains. It’s been mostly work, gym, sleep and to top that December is usually pretty chaotic because of the vacation I will be having soon so I have to finish up so many things and the time is as usual too short.


The first day was great and I had fun experimenting with my meals but the second day took a turn to the worst because I had a huge headache whole day. I barely made it through the day and I was so glad to get home and just go to sleep early.

The next day was better though but I had no appetite, I had to literally push breakfast down my throat. By noon it got better and in the evening I felt good again.

The next two days were great. My appetite was back and I was enjoying my meals again.

Pros so far:

  • I sleep better.
  • I cut down my coffees from 2-3 per day to only 1. I used to wake up tired going straight to the kitchen for a coffee. Now I wake up well rested, prepare a delicious breakfast and eat it at the table (instead of munching it down while getting dressed, as I usually did), eventually have a few sips of my coffee but I no longer feel the need for a coffee in the morning. I don’t need my afternoon coffee anymore.
  • I no longer feel sluggish, tired and sleepy after lunch.
  • I have so much energy whole day.
  • I am not hungry between meals anymore and i don’t feel the need of snacks, except on workout days when I have a handful of cashew nuts 30-60 minutes before working out.

Cons so far:

  • I am still getting used to the new plan and I find it hard sometimes to figure out what to eat.
  • I miss porridge and potatoes.
  • I tried some new recipes but I had to eventually throw away the food because I didn’t like it.
  • I still have to get used to sweet potatoes.
  • I am having too much salad and I already know now that I will probably get tired of them soon. I need new ideas.


Tuesday was a rest day as planned but on Wednesday I was back in the gym for the Total Body Style class followed by running on the treadmill. The class was great and really intense, I loved it, but treadmill running is starting to get pretty boring. I need to spice it up a little.

I did the fitness check on Thursday and it was awesome. We did a history of my health and fitness first, followed by measurements (I know I am not allowed to do measurements while doing the Whole30 program but I tried not to look).

Nevertheless I saw that my body fat is 5% less according to the equipment at the gym but it was a scale which measured fat, water and muscles in the body based only on the hands. Mine at home uses also the feet but I don’t think any of these two are accurate enough. Still 5% less is better, right?

The trainer then checked my joints and muscle strength by moving my legs and arms and back left to right and up and down.

The result of this fitness test was good but not great. My joints are good, no issues there but I desperately need weight training to build more muscles. The good news is that my muscles are equally strong/weak overall so I have no weak part.

Next, while I did warmup on the treadmill, the trainer created my training plan and then we went through it together. She showed me how to use the machines and I also received a chip key which stores that settings for all machines for the next sessions so I don’t have to set up anything.

This training plan will be for the next 8 weeks (depending on how often I do it of course) and the main monitor where I check in every time will show me when it’s time for a new appointment with the trainer to review the training plan.

Overall I am extremely happy with how this went and this gym is very professional, I didn’t get a pre-configured workout which is given to everybody but the trainer created it especially for me and for my goals.

I finished the workout with a 20 run on the treadmill but I am not happy with my treadmill performance and my endurance so much. I have an outdoor 5K run planned for Sunday so let’s see how that will go.