I woke up today to dozens of RTs by @marissamayer in my Twitter Feed. In return for a retweet from Marissa, some people promised exclusivity to Yahoo while others wrote for how many years they’ve been already using Yahoo.

This is definitely one of my favorites, very bold of this person to promise to get a tattoo in exchange for a RT, and I am waiting for the proof, picture or it never happened: “@drew: If @marissamayer retweets this i’ll um get an exclamation point tattoo.”

I am a Yahoo user since the late 90s. My first email address was at Yahoo and with the time, as my photography skills improved, I opened a Flickr account as well, eventually becoming a paying customer several years ago.

My Yahoo email got so spammed with the time and the spam filter is so bad that I had to search for an alternative private email address and eventually chose Hotmail which I then recently converted into an Outlook account and I am extremely happy with it so far. I use the Yahoo mail address now only for managing my different accounts on various web sites.

The user interface of the Yahoo web sites changed over time and I was astonished to notice the new look and feel of the new Yahoo Mail recently. It definitely is different from 10 years ago, it evolved and it looks quite modern but it is not my style.

I like clean and simple like Outlook but Yahoo Mail looks now more like MySpace, so colorful and cluttered with information and ads all over the place.

I use Flickr solely for food photography and I store all my other private pictures on SkyDrive. Flickr extended the free space to 1 Tb a few months ago *applause* and I don’t think there are any other services out there offering so much free space.

I got a 100 Gb free SkyDrive voucher valid for a year at the Build 2013 conference in San Francisco and that saved my bacon because I recently reached the maximum free limit. I could of course store pictures using a new account but I won’t, I want everything in one place.

I also started using the Yahoo Weather app for iOS a few weeks ago and I think it’s gorgeous. The app uses photos from Flickr users as a background (not sure if with the user’s approval?) based on your location and the local weather condition. I love the concept! The user interface looks clean and simple, everything well organized. This is one Yahoo service I am completely happy with!

In other news, both my Adobe accounts are among the breached records from the Adobe hack: Over 150 million breached records from Adobe hack have surfaced online I received the email from Adobe a week ago but ignored it but as the hack seems to become bigger and bigger every day, I decided to reset the passwords for both my accounts yesterday. Luckily the old passwords were generated. I no longer use non-generated password nor reuse the same passwords on multiple web sites since years now because it is not safe and neither should you.

Update: it appears that not only the username and password records were stolen in the Adobe hack but also the password hints, also called security questions. These are the question and answer combinations which you configure when you create your account and it’s usually used to remember your password. This is one thing that people most likely reuse over multiple websites and now this information from the Adobe accounts is available worldwide on the internet for everyone to read and use to crack accounts on other websites.