New beginning

Most people start new on the first of January each year. Autumn and the beginning of the winter is usually the most quiet time in the fitness centers, everybody gets a bit lazy after the summer when it starts to get cold and dark. People rush back in January with their new year’s resolutions ready to start over.

I for one try to be consistent each month and consider every month like a new start and try to do better than in the last. I love this time of the year! Even though I am currently in between fitness centers, I usually enjoy this quiet time and having the place and the machines mostly to myself.

I travelled last night for four hours to the wonderful mountains in Austria. I had little time to enjoy the scenery because I arrived late and I was starving so after a short walk in the city I hurried to dinner. A 5-course dinner is included at the hotel and I was afraid. I love food too much and have trouble telling myself when I had enough.

I started with a salad and a small clear soup, both are good tricks to help avoid the unhealthy big meals because I feel full by the time I get to the main course.



The main course was extremely soft turkey breast with not so healthy mushrooms in sour cream and croquettes, luckily only three small pieces.


I skipped the cheese plate and the ice cream but had a taste from the poppyseed cake, skipped also the whipped cream.


I got better at eating out and not overdoing it but I still have a lot to improve. My main problem is that I can’t leave food on the plate, I think it’s such a waste especially when it’s so delicious.

Today is the first day of November, a new beginning, and I am hopeful that I will do better.

Our hotel has a nice spa but I found out unfortunately that there is no fitness center so I will take the free ski bus to Tauern Spa to do some strength training, my running session, swim and relax. I plan to visit the city and do some shopping on the way back.