October, that’s a wrap!

Today is normally a running day but I pushed it forward to Wednesday because I am going on a trip this afternoon after work. I’ll be spending the long weekend at this awesome wellness hotel in Austria. I packed last night for the trip and I am looking forward to relax in the spa & enjoy 5-course dinner in the next few days. Woohoo!

I am usually awake before the alarm goes off ever since we changed the clock back one hour on Sunday, but I had trouble waking up this morning. After finishing packing for the trip last night, I watched Castle and then finished the second season of Grey’s Anatomy. I know I should’ve went to sleep sooner but the episodes kept ending with cliffhangers so I just had to see what will happen next!

Even though I really miss my usual Thursday run, I was kind of glad that I already did my run yesterday because I didn’t feel up for it this morning and my muscles are pretty sore from running two days in a row. Plus it was -1 degrees Celsius this morning! I am not sure how I will manage to keep running outdoors if it’s this cold, I was completely frozen only by waiting 5 minutes for the train this morning!

I came today early to work and messed up big time while packing last night. I forgot my public transportation card as I was moving all my stuff from one handbag to the other and I even remember now that I was holding it up last night and thinking that I won’t need it on the trip. It kind of slipped my mind that I am still coming to work today before the trip!

I realized that the card was missing as I was already sitting in the train on my way to the office. I had to go out at the next station and buy a ticket and catch the next subway. Needless to say that the day started out bad, I hope it will get better though.

A 3 hours drive awaits me right after work. I will probably get to the destination in the early evening so yesterday was officially my last workout for October. I didn’t do so bad this month, I ran for almost 60 km and walked almost 30 km. I slacked on yoga and strength training, but I plan to do better next month.


I also planned to do at least 30 minutes sports each day but I failed big time based on my workout calendar. One rest day per week would be OK but I had more than one and that’s also something I should improve next month.


I missed three running sessions at the beginning of the month because I was on a trip and I feel really bad about it. I am not sure how to keep working out during trips, especially if there is no way to go running outside. I was in Romania on the first weekend of October and people there would look funny at me and I don’t feel safe going running in places like Kaprun this weekend where I don’t know my way around. The only option is to find a fitness center and I should try it out next time.

The hotel where I am heading today has a fitness center but it sounded like it’s not the biggest one. I am hoping that they have a treadmill so I can do my running and a bit of strength training would be good too. Worst case scenario is that I will go to Tauern Spa nearby because they have a cool fitness center and I will have everything I need there.