Broken promise

Did I say no more nightly series marathons? I have to confess that I broke my promise. I couldn’t sleep last weekend and I spent most of the time watching Grey’s Anatomy. I am so hooked and I have to get it out of my system somehow. I am finishing the second season and the best cure is to watch the rest and be done with it.

We turned the clock back 1 hour on Sunday and I just realized today that we get to sleep one hour more when I was awake today before my alarm went off. Yaaay! I am going to use this opportunity and set my alarm to an earlier hour to have more time on running days for stretching and foam rolling before going to work. I really feel that it’s doing a lot of good for my muscles.

Saturday and Sunday are usually running days and although Saturday was great, Sunday was a complete fail. I postponed my run till 15 o’clock because I felt too tired and lazy but I usually run best before noon on an empty stomach. I had breakfast and lunch and although I waited two hours after lunch to go running, I felt pretty sick the entire time. And if that’s not enough, first I swallowed a bug accidentally while running & it got stuck in my throat so I couldn’t breath right and then I got caught in a heavy rain shower. It didn’t rain whole day but it had to rain exactly when I was out running and it stopped as soon as I got home.

I spent my weekend trying to update my Surface to the final release of Windows 8.1, I had the preview version. Obviously the whole Surface was wiped clean, because I chose to keep only the personal data, so I lost all the applications that were installed and I found out only afterwards that there is a patch with which I could’ve kept them. Luckily I didn’t have so much on the Surface so I quickly installed Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2013 and I am now good to go!

What does make me angry is that I lost all my Start screen settings as well. I set up the Start screen months ago on my Surface exactly the way I like it but strangely it wasn’t synced with my PC so now that I lost it on the Surface, I have to go through the apps and install them again and set up my Start screen too.

I was told that I am the person with the most IT problems and I start to believe that it’s true. Nothing works out of the box although I don’t do anything special so I just don’t understand why stuff that I am doing gets always broken but it works perfectly for everybody else.