Home workouts

I’ve been doing a lot of workouts at home lately on my non-running days. I currently have a gym membership, I actually had two but one of my gym contracts expired in September and I didn’t renew it because I wasn’t going that often. This gym is all over Germany and there are even several here in the city where I live but they have only machines and it is usually too crowded.

My contract was for a year but I went for the first 3 months and then not anymore. I am not going since months to the second one either although my contract will expire in November but I won’t renew it. This gym has only a few machines but a wide selection of courses, which is the reason why I combined the two gym memberships, as I was going to one to use the machines and to the other one for the courses. The courses are great, the trainers are amazing and it’s a girls-only gym but I am not so happy because the courses are too crowded and as I approached the owner to discuss this issue, she was so unfriendly to me that I lost all my mood and haven’t gone since. I stupidly signed a 2 years contract with this gym and the second year was mostly lost money but I had no way to get out of the contract.

Obviously there is a pattern here, I sign gym memberships and end up not going after a few months and throw a lot of money out of the window but I would gladly go if I would be satisfied with their services. If I ever decide to sign up for a new gym, I will make sure that it’s for the long run, although it is difficult to evaluate it with only one trial session.

Additionally to all these gym memberships which I don’t use, I have also a bunch of dvds at home, from yoga to strength training to step aerobic, including all the gear that is needed, step board, yoga mat and dumbbells. I have certain phases when I am totally into working out at home in the evenings and these past weeks were one of those phases. Jilian Michaels is my new favorite trainer and I am really feeling the sore muscles after her workouts. I also like Tracy Anderson and Ursula Karven for yoga. I’ve pinned my all-time favorite workout dvds:

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Be sure to check these lists regularly because I will continuously update them as I find new ones.