Fantastic evening run


I usually run in the morning. It is difficult to wake up so early but I love the fresh morning air, the sunrise and how running helps me clear my head before work.

It was raining cats and dogs this morning so I decided to postpone my run till the evening. I contemplated several times to cancel it completely, making up the excuses like it is too late, I am too tired, you know the usual.

As I was getting slowly ready to go home from work, I spontaneously decided that I am training since 6 weeks already so I won’t quit and I will continue to stick to the training plan.

I am so glad I did. I just finished an amazing run! It felt so good and I was so much faster than before. I beat my personal best 3 km by a 0m:51s and improved my average pace by 30 seconds!

Plus running in the evening certainly has also advantages, like this beautiful sunset.