From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

After our little mishap with the phone, we eventually started driving to Las Vegas in the afternoon after the phone was charges and the navigation system set up.

We ran of course into a traffic jam on the I10 (driving on the I10 is crazy, you need nerves of steel!) but afterwards it went smoothy.

The temperature went up to 114 degress Fahrenheit, that’s about 45 degrees Celsius. It was so hot that I couldn’t even breath through my nose!

At one point there was even a sign to turn off the A/C for the next 16 miles to avoid overheating. Which we did for a few miles but then it got so hot in the car that we had to switch it back on.

We met some unfriendly drivers on the road as well. At one time we wanted to switch the lanes and the guy behind us was honking at us like crazy. As he passed next to us, he yelled something but luckily I didn’t understand him.

Important to remember is to tank before leaving L.A. because there are only a few gas stations on the way to Las Vegas.

You can also Adopt A Highway, which I saw to my surprise on the way.

It was also the first time that I saw a Stabucks Drive Thru.

We stopped at Primm to shop and, although I did find a few items, I was a bit disappointed with the high prices.

Where to shop:

Tanger Outlet Center
2796 Tanger Way, Barstow

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas
32100 S Las Vegas Blvd, Primm, NV

Las Vegas Premium Outlets South and North

Entering In Las Vegas is as impressive as I’ve seen in the movies. There are flashing lights everywhere and tall hotels and lots of people walking on the Strip and fancy cars and limos and partyyyy!

Where to stay:

The Venetian Resort and Hotel
3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

– lovely spaceous room with an awesome bathroom
– luxurious
– you have Venice in Vegas with gondolas and the St. Mark’s Square
– lots of restaurants
– the staff is friendly
– casinos, shows

– we got a room with a bad view which I thought is not possible in a 5 star hotel in Vegas
– the garage is far from the reception and from the rooms, you have to carry your luggage all the way
– huge line at the reception
– had to search for our room on our own dragging the big bags with us
– the pools are dirty
– we left the room several times on the second day but they did not clean our room
– mini bar is a super expensive
– wifi doesn’t work in our room sometimes