What would I do without my phone?

I am sitting now in a Starbucks coffee shop charging the phone with our one and only navigation system. We were supposed to be on our way to Las Vegas by now but we forgot to charge the phone so we have no navigation system and we don’t know our way around Los Angeles so well that we can drive out on our own.

It’s really incredible how dependant we are to these electronics.

Back in the days all it took was a map. We have a map, a real paper map, but I don’t think it can help us get out of L.A. We’re just to used to the navigation system showing us the way and telling us where to turn left or right.

Sometimes the navigation system fails too. It happened to us so many times that the navigation system was confused and took us on the wrong streets or that we took the turn too soon. And everytime it took ages for the navigation system to recalculate the route and by the time it was done we were far far away from the correct route because we didn’t know which way to drive without the navigation system.

It’s also amazing that I am not using my phone to call people anymore. We tweet or iMessage or write on facebook or write an email instead. I search for hotels on tripadvisor, for restaurants on foursquare and foodspotting.

I can’t even imagine life without my smartphone and my tablets.